Down The Rabbit Hole! 8 ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Makeup Looks To Try This Halloween

Halloween exists as the one day of the year where it is considered socially acceptable to free the face paint kits, sew together or purchase an amazing costume, and parade a new look for an entire 24 hours. The possibilities are endless!

Speaking of possibilities, what could be a more vibrant and colorful costume choice than any character in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll? Without further ado, I present eight Alice-In-Wonderland inspired makeup looks, all ranging from simple to slightly more challenging.


1. Female Mad Hatter by Madeyewlook

A subtle, beautiful interpretation of Tim Burton‘s take on the Mad Hatter. Aside from a brightly-colored eye, a bit of eyeliner, and a top hat, one does not need much to successfully achieve this look. One can also choose a different combination of eyeshadows or contacts and a whimsical wig suited to their personal tastes.


Source: Mulpix

2. Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter Look by Shonagh Scott

The more popular rendition of the Mad Hatter, it can be tried by any gender. The most difficult part would probably be applying the contact lenses, but aside from that, this fantasy makeup look can be quickly assembled for any Halloween-esque occasion near your vicinity.

3. Cheshire Cat by Promise Phan

 Alice in Wonderland would simply not be the same without its grinning, toothy feline.

If you have enough patience to paint and sharpen each individual tooth in an ultimately fabulous maniacal grin, look no further. Imagine the following scenario: someone approaches you from behind and attempts to scare you; seeing only your hair and potential cat ears, they might assume you disguised yourself as a regular cat. However, once you turn, that person will be unexpectedly greeted by Cheshire’s signature smile.


Source: Movie Pilot

4. Tim Burton’s White Queen by Nanna Simonsen 

For fans of feather-like grace and a soothing voice, here is the White Queen. This costume is also fueled by attitude, much like the others. Airy hand gestures would be a hilariously accurate touch for anyone who wishes to give the smokey, gorgeous look a shot.


Source: YouTube

5. The Queen of Hearts by Chelsey Stacey 

If you are searching for an opportunity to holler, “Off with your head!” at your enemies, look no further: you have reached your destination.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold: a regal yet still intimidating portrayal of the unstable Queen of Hearts. It would be a nice touch to add a few props such as a small crown or a neck piece that gives a purpose to that incomplete set of playing cards you might have laying around.


Source: YouTube

6. Tim Burton’s Cheshire Cat by Paint Me Sarah 

Could not resist adding a second Cheshire makeup look for people who would enjoy adding a bit of fur paint swatches.

For those who might be wondering: one could make it a point to wear a fully black attire in order to bring focus to the face, which would also help to simplify the costume overall.


Source: YouTube

7. Tim Burton’s Absolem The Caterpillar by Madeyewlook

I don’t know about you, but I can almost hear Alan Rickman’s rich voice murmuring, “You’re almost Alice.”

Although this one is a bit more challenging, it is always good practice for the individual who wishes to perfect their skills with a highly detailed, very blue piece.


Source: Mulpix

8. Down the Rabbit Hole by Madeyewlook

Now, this is a more attention-grabbing, abstract look inspired by the first couple of chapters in the book. Right away, it is fair to say that this particular design would be a downright fantastic conversation starter at the next Halloween party.

Not to mention, the items falling along could be changed into anything the artist chooses.


Source: Mulpix

So, what are you waiting for? These fantasy makeup looks have the words, ‘Try me!’ written all over them.

YouTube Channel: Madeyewlook


Featured image via Pixabay

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