‘Overview’ By Benjamin Grant: A Book Sure To Stun

After stumbling downstairs in your pajamas, a bathrobe snuggling you tightly, you reach for a cup of coffee. It’s hot and ready because you couldn’t live without a programmable coffee machine. How did people ever? A warm mug heating your chilly hands, you head to your couch and sit. Your breath is relaxing, steady, and meditative. It’s a Saturday, and you have nothing but time. Now tell me, what’s on your coffee table?

As of October 25th, 2016, there will be one gorgeous book on my coffee table. Overview by Benjamin Grant is set to release on that magical day, and I could not be more pumped!


‘Burning Man’ Source: Daily Overview

Overview is a stunning picture book that features google images. The author, Benjamin Grant, has spent hours, days, maybe even months combing through Google Earth in search of profound, breath taking imagery of the very place we call home.

The title itself is taking from the “Overview Effect” that astronauts experience when hovering above Earth. A view that changes the way they interpret humanity. It is simple, and simply beautiful.


‘Ipanema Beach’ Source: Daily Overview

Within the book shines over 280 photos of architecture, agriculture, nature, and any way we have shaped our landscape. Patterns are visible that will leave you speechless. The mission behind this book is to showcase our effect on the planet for better or worse. Overview looks at our human existence from a view that’s only been seen by a few. It’s amazing to see the imagery created over time by our development and the Earth’s evolution. Some images are devastating, while others are deeply intricate. Grant also features a set of Juxtapose images that are sure to give you all the feels. Before and afters of tulip fields and burning man are exceptional, and so are the eye opening photos of California pre-drought and post-drought.


‘Port Newark Containers’ Source: Daily Overview

Get ready to fall in love with our planet all over again! <3

If you need a copy as much as I do, pre-orders are available at Amazon. As well, Benjamin Grant has made prints available for purchase, simply visit Daily Overview, and pick your favorite. I only want a modest ALL OF THEM! #obsessed

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Featured image via Daily Overview

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