6 Reasons E-Readers Are Awesome!

E-Readers, some people love them, some people want to throw them at a wall. I understand both arguments, but as an avid reader, I’m here to proudly state that I’m a fan of the E-Reader. In fact I have two. A first generation Kindle that I lovingly slapped a blue and red case on and aptly named Clark Kent, and a newer Paperwhite, fancily dressed in black, that I’ve deemed Lex Luther. Obviously, E-Readers aren’t the only thing I’m a fan of. While nothing will ever replace my love of tangible, page flippable, paper scented, hold in your hands books, E-Readers have somehow snuck into my heart as well. So to all the haters out there, here are my reasons for proudly naming my Kindles after Superman characters.


1. You Want To Read A Book And You Want To Read It Now

Nothing beats that moment when you find out about a book, and you know you need to read it ASAP. Instead of waiting to head to the bookstore, having to wait for a book to be mailed to you, or seeing if the library has it checked in, all you have to do is click a button. As soon as you’ve clicked that button, your book will magically appear in your hands. What’s not to love about that? The words and the story are the same no matter what format you’re reading it on.


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2. Travel + E-Readers = Love

It’s true. As someone who travels a lot, and who packs light. (I never take more than a carry-on and a small backpack with me) I don’t have room for lugging around books. But then, in steps my E-Reader, ready to save the day. See, you can put as many books as you want on an E-Reader, and it’s light enough and small enough that you can carry it around in your purse. It’s perfect to have on hand for quiet moments in parks, or reading while you’re standing in line to get into a famous museum. Seriously, you can’t beat traveling with an E-Reader.


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3. They’re Conveniently Portable

As I stated above, E-Readers are great because they’re portable. Sure our phones can keep us entertained while we’re bored out in public, but why not take some of the time you spend on your phone, and whip out your E-Reader instead. Books can be big and clunky, while E-Readers can fit in almost any bag you carry. Even dudes can slip them into a backpack.


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4. You Know That Feeling When You’re Running Out Of Room On Your Shelves, Your E-Reader Can Help With That

While storing actual books on actual shelves looks amazing, an E-Reader can help you from taking up all the space on all of your shelves and the rest of your flat surfaces. Because you can put as many books as you want to on your E-Reader, and it never takes up more space than that of the device itself.

5. You Can Read Whatever You Want And No One Will Ever Know

Do you ever read a book in public and hope that no one notices what you’re reading? First off, don’t ever feel ashamed about anything you want to read, and be proud that you have well rounded reading habits. But if that doesn’t work for you, put those “embarrassing” reads on your E-Reader. Unless you have creepers sitting next to you trying to figure out what you’re reading, no one will ever know.


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6. Deals So Cheap You’ll Want To Celebrate

Because publishers don’t have to print the actual book, they’re known to put E-Books on sale quite often. If you’ve been waiting to read a book, but you’ve heard mixed reviews, chances are you’re going to hold off on buying it. But if it shows up as a Kindle Daily Deal (or one of the other E-Book sites) you’ll one click that sh** before you even know what you’re doing. E-Book deals are the best, and I’ve found so many good books I would have never read otherwise because of them.

So even though I can understand why people prefer a solid book to a portable electronic device, I think that E-Readers have their place, and that they shouldn’t be thought of as the enemy. In fact all points lead me to believe that E-Books and the things you read them on aren’t going anywhere.

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