5 Potter-Pumpin Ideas For Your ‘Harry Potter’ Halloween

The most magical night of the year is almost upon us (just a few weeks away)! So, why not make this October 31st even more special by bringing Hogwarts to your Halloween? With witches and wizards sure to be wandering the streets for one night only, this is the perfect opportunity to embrace your inner Potterhead and go all out.

So here’s a few suggestions to help you bring the magic home this Halloween:


1. Pumpkins

Ok, ok. Pumpkins may not be particularly Harry Potter themed- but the real key is how you pick and carve them. We may not have Hagrid’s magic to supersize our pumpkins, but why not seek out those extra large ones hidden on the supermarket shelves for a hint of the unexpected. All you need then is to experiment with some magically themed pumpkin carving– how hard can it be?

SOURCE: flickr

Source: Flickr

2. Butterbeer

This warm and comforting drink is the perfect fireside treat for any chilly Autumn evening. Why not make your own to add a personal touch? You can either make it alcoholic (for extra warmth of course) or keep it child friendly with a simpler recipe. You can even buy it bottled for a quick beverage solution.

SOURCE: playbuzz

Source: Playbuzz

3. Host A Tournament

Just like Harry in The Goblet of Fire, you too can host your very own Triwizard Tournament- albeit with a little less death and danger. Features could include Quidditch games, Clue (Potter themed of course), or good old fashioned trivia. Suggestion: maybe find a prize a little less temperamental than a portkey, mind you.

SOURCE: buzzfeed

Source: Buzzfeed

4. The Chamber of Secrets

Writing in red lipstick blood is a real classic of any Halloween theme, so why not add a HP twist? Take to a mirror with a bold reference to The Chamber of Secrets and sit back and enjoy everyone’s reactions- which hopefully won’t be anger at you ruining a mirror.

SOURCE: blogspot

Source: Blogspot

5. Feast

You can’t have a HP themed celebration without at least a small feast of some sort. Feel free to go all out with your Great Hall, banners, and a magical banquet that appears with little consideration- but if you find yourself amongst the muggle born, why not try out a few themed recipes instead.

So you’re all set for a night of magic! All you need now is your Harry Potter playlist to complete the mood.

Happy Halloween!

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