8 Unexpected And Beloved Ways To Bookmark Your Page

As you’re reading, time flies, you get sucked into the magical world on the pages, and you’re interrupted and ruefully have to abandon your book… for now. But upon return, no one, not even the most vigilant, remembers what page they were on. Page numbers are immaterial and trite compared to the world within the words! However, we all also hate to spend time finding where we were (and risking the horror of reading ahead on accident and spoiling a future moment!).

For real book lovers, the idea of leaving a book open–pages flat on a table, spine bending–is cruel and unjust punishment. Likewise, tossing an old shopping receipt or a torn edge of notebook paper between pages is a nightmare–unthinkable! Thus, bookmarks came into being. But let’s be real: the days of the floral, flat, glossy bookmarks are over: those have retired shamefully to corners in lieu of bookmarks that are actually worthy of our literature.

In the pursuit of finding such a bookmark, a few, shall we say, interesting options come to light.


1. The Homemade

Classic. Practical. Of course, though not magical and alluring, a good old, homemade bookmark affords diversion in the construction, offers a choice for what features of functionality the individual wants, and creative license in the aesthetic design.

2. The Extraordinary

We all know these bookmarks–they are like little books in themselves: texture, art, mystique. These bookmarks are 3D, artfully crafted to be keepsakes and treasures. They are the perfect bridge between your busy workday and your reading-time. They will calm and entrance you as you open your book, preparing you mentally for a prime reading experience.


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Source: Needlework

3. The Innovative

These are the truly creative bookmarks. The homemade is a fun, functional bookmark. The innovative is a sacred bookmark, a bookmark that evokes homage and reverence.

4. The Mystical

Beautiful, more like jewelry than bookmarks, we all know these jeweled bookmarks. These are the bookmarks that are heavier than the book, leave a crease on the pages, and that we all adore for their ostentatiousness.


Source: GuideCentr

5. The Punk

These are your sassy, quirky, weird bookmarks. Nobody messes with these bookmarks. They look like they might be homemade… which would make you a handcraft queen. Or they might be vintage up-cycled: you are a creative mastermind who is also thrifty and has independent taste. These bookmarks do more than mark a page. They are an expression of self.

6. The Nostalgic

These are still not the butterfly-super-gloss bookmarks of our childhoods. These are the ones that remind us of our favorite books: the books that have impacted us through our lives. The ones that shaped us. You are what you read.

7. The Goofy

These are so glossy, so goofy, so insane–they could only be ironic. No one will take these bookmarks seriously, because they’re not supposed to.

8. The Amazing

These bookmarks are beyond the beautiful, beyond the mystical, beyond the gimmick. They are simply amazing, once-in-a-lifetime finds. They are the ones no one else you know is allowed to borrow.


Source: 9Gag

Whatever you choose to mark your pages, choose wisely. The first thing you see when you open your book is your bookmark. Make it count.

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