5 Not So Spooky Books To Read In October

October can be a challenging month for people who aren’t a fan of all the spooky-themed media. All the scary TV shows, movies, and books can be a little overwhelming if you just want October to be over so we can all start talking about Christmas, because there just isn’t really anything that spooky about Christmas (besides maybe that ugly Christmas sweater you’re forced to wear to appease your grandma).

But here’s a list of not so spooky books, that still have a little October edge to them, to save you from total isolation all month long.


1. Lost Gods by Brom

This is a book with Purgatory as a setting, so it has a little bit of the spook factor with demons and lost lost souls to keep you in relevant conversation this month, but it’s mostly a hero’s journey. In it, you’ll learn how the brave protagonist navigates the darkness and evil of the underworld to save his family. This illustrated book is set to release October 25, 2016, so if you just can’t wait for something on the little less spooky side to read, check out the other books on the list, or see this title from 2010, also by Brom: The Child Thief.


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2. Feedback by Mira Grant

A part of a series, this book can be read in conjunction with the other Newsflesh novels, or it can stand alone for a quick read. With a narrative fueled by events that mirror the current political climate, the book is bound to keep you reading, and it will definitely give you some conversation material ripe with some real-world level scary.


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3.  A City Dreaming by Daniel Polansky

If you’re looking for something a little less close to home, A City Dreaming might be for you. Although it takes place in New York City, it isn’t a realistic novel. There are pirates, zombies, and witches. Polansky gives the perfect smattering of creatures in a familiar setting that we’ve all learned to love.


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4. Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness

This is one of those series where you truly can’t read just one, and although each book in the series has a hefty page count, you’ll read through these quickly because the suspense and all the unknown will drive you mad. So, for this series, the spookiest thing about it will end up being you crawling out of bed at 6AM after a night of binge reading.


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5. The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Grant

Maybe you want something a little more magical this month. Something with more ethereal creatures. Well, this book delivers a bit of folk and a bit of fear. You’ll read about a beautiful, alluring world of fairies, but also a mysterious horned boy in a glass coffin who is never supposed to wake up.


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Hopefully this list will help you get started being as on trend this month as all of your friends who can handle the super spooky stuff. You know, like haunted houses where people chase you around with chainsaws. Don’t put yourself through that horror, instead stay home and read a book about monsters, whether freakishly real seeming, (ahem politicians ahem) or totally imagined. So, go forth, and have happy reading into the night without a night light because these books aren’t spooky enough to give you nightmares!

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