5 Books To Immediately Check Out If You Enjoy Chuck Palahniuk

From his first novel, Fight Club, to his latest, Beautiful You, Chuck Palahniuk has molded the English language into beautiful sentences that readers feel in their very soul. Combined with a wild imagination and unimaginable plot twists, his books have even gone as far as to gain cult status. If you’re a fan of Palahniuk, here are five titles you might enjoy.


1. I Loved You More by Tom Spanbauer

With a minimalist writing style, some say that Palahniuk used his more existential counterpart, Tom Spanbauer, as an influence. I Love You More, a love story triangle featuring a gay main character who charms everyone regardless of sexual orientation, is Spanbauer’s first novel after seven years. Full of love, sex, and heartbreak, this novel is a messy type of beautiful.


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2. Beautiful Children by Charles Bock

A New York Times bestseller and debut novel, Beautiful Children captures modern day Las Vegas, heartbreak and all. It all begins with 12-year-old Newell who doesn’t return home one night, and the family journeys through the painful aftermath as they deal with their son’s mysterious disappearance.


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3. The Elephant Tree by R.D. Ronald

With the clean and sparse writing style Palahniuk is known and loved for, R.D. Ronald is just as inventive at creating unbelievable plot twists. The story follows a couple in their early 20’s who are involved in a cannabis drug operation. But when things go wrong and someone dies, they’re left wondering who to trust.


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4. The Rules Of Attraction by Bret Easton Ellis

Commonly known as the author of American Psycho, Bret Easton Ellis weaves together a hilarious take on the death of a romance. Taking place during the height of the Reagan era in the 1980s, The Rules of Attraction is about three privileged college students caught in a love triangle. Self-absorbed, childish moments wreak havoc while the straightforward dialogue conveys just how jaded people can be.


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5. Breaking and Entering by Joy Williams

Two disturbed drifters, Willie and Liberty, break into wealthy and lavish Florida vacation homes in order to live someone else’s life, but little do they know their marriage and lives are heading toward certain danger. Author Joy Williams combines perfect prose, twists and turns, and language that truly moves readers in a convincing and emotional look at our secret inner workings.


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What’s your favorite CP novel?

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