Practically Perfect In Every Way: 8 Enchanting Books Written By The Lovely Julie Andrews

Okay, how many times have you seen The Sound of Music? How about Mary Poppins? Or even The Princess Diaries? If you’re anything like me, you have a special place in your heart for Julie Andrews and you can sing along with her every word. She’s spent the last 60 years appearing in countless movies, TV shows, and theatrical performances, and in 1971 she began conquering the world of books as well. Obviously, she rocks it and is now a much-celebrated author… as if I needed another reason to adore her.

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She’s written a memoir and compiled collections of poetry and lullabies, but most of her work is for children. Check out this list of 8 delightful kiddy volumes penned by our favourite musical governess (with help from her talented daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton).


1. Mandy

This little orphan’s desire to make a home of her own will hit you right in the feels. It makes me want to move to a quaint English cottage. And adopt a daughter. Or 8.


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2. The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles

Who wouldn’t want to read a book about something called a Whangdoodle? Then there’s Sidewinders, Flukes, Whiffle Birds, and even a Prock. You’re already hooked, I know. And no, the fact that you’re no longer in elementary school doesn’t even matter.


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3. Dragon: Hound of Honor

Dog lovers will be all over this. The medieval story of this loyal wolfhound will have you running to the nearest shelter to fill out pet adoption papers, and then to the costume store to find a suit of armor.


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4. Simeon’s Gift

Ever wonder what it would be like to live without instant access to music? No, me neither. But reading this book will make you appreciate the beauty of music and the convenience of our lifestyles. Also, looking at the incredible illustrations in this book is like walking through an art history museum. Incredible.


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5. The Great American Mousical

Of course Julie Andrews would write a theater production. It’s perfect! Don’t panic when you read that the star of the show, Adelaide, is caught in a mousetrap. The show must go on!


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6. The Dumpy the Dumptruck Series

What little boy doesn’t love dump trucks? This plucky and hardworking little truck has a much more interesting life than I do, including adventures with firefighters, running an apple shop, working on the farm, and even celebrating holidays. Dumpy’s the man.


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7. The Little Bo Series

Crazy cat ladies: Pay attention! Little Bo is a feline who joins her friend Billy on his fishing boat and travels the world. If you love kitties and have always wanted to travel around Europe, this is your jam.


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8. The Very Fairy Princess Series

I was hooked from the very first page. This little girl is so lucky to have parents and teachers who understand and encourage her imagination! Fairy princesses do NOT fly at school; fairy princesses LOVE to sing; and they ALWAYS let their sparkle shine! I don’t care how old you are, you’ll LOVE Geraldine’s sparkly antics.


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The only question now is…which one of these is going to be your new favorite?

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