Politician Turned YA Author: Bernie Sanders’ Adventure Into Literature

Celebrities writing books aren’t necessarily anything new. Politicians writing books are even less surprising. That being said, Bernie Sanders’ upcoming nonfiction book, Our Revolutionis a horse of a different color.

The former presidential candidate has never taken the path most traveled – whether that is his unique policies, his campaign, his speeches, and most recently, his book. Books aren’t new territory to politicians; in fact, it almost seems like it’s required to write one. However, Sanders will be releasing two versions: one geared towards adults, and one geared towards the young adult populace, specifically ages twelve to eighteen.

SOURCE: Flickr

Source: Flickr

His Tried and True Approach

This approach isn’t unlike his campaign strategy. His grassroots approach struck a chord with plenty of young voters, and Sanders has always stated the importance of having young people understand and care about the electoral process. He hopes to do so with this new book, making it approachable and important for younger readers.

Both versions of the book will be published by Thomas Dunne Books. The YA version of the book will be sold $10 cheaper than the adult version ($17 versus $27). Our Revolution will be released in November 2016, while the unnamed young adult version will be released five months later in March 2017.

SOURCE: Flickr

Source: Flickr

Potential Impact

Bernie Sanders has always been correct on the front that younger voters are just not showing up to the polls, and that can certainly be attributed to lack of understanding, ignorance, and apathy towards the politics of the United States. If executed properly, this book can change how younger readers think and act towards politics, and would be a welcome addition to schools and libraries. (As Sanders is pitching it, the book would be a welcome graduation gift too!)

What are your thoughts on politicians writing books?

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