What To Read This Month: 12 New Releases For October 2016

Spooky faces, tricks, and delicious treats help us envision the month of October. With only a few months left in the year, we may wonder how so many more books are being put on shelves, however that’s just the beauty of pre-planning, isn’t it? So sit back, grab some candy and check out what new releases will be hitting the bookshelves of your local bookstore!


1. Replica (Replica Book #1) by Lauren Oliver

The Dystopian wonder that is author Lauren Oliver has brought us many nail-biting stories that have sparked an insatiable addiction in the world of YA. Along with the success of her other novels, Panic, The Delirium Trilogy, and Before I Fall, Replica, the first in a new series, is set to hit shelves very soon. For her entire life, all Gemma has known are the dull walls of her homes: hospital after hospital. When Gemma discovers that her father has been secretly involved with a hush-hush research corporation, she dedicates herself to shedding light on the truth behind his link to the institution. Lyra, our other protagonist, is a scientific prodigy who manages to escape the confines of the institution’s walls. Find out what guides these two characters together when Replica hits shelves October 4th.


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2. Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook: Delicious Meals Made with Whole, Organic Ingredients from the Marley Kitchen by Ziggy Marley

You might have recognized the author’s last name right off the bat and yes, you’re right, he is the son of reggae icon, Bob Marley. Taking the spotlight away from music for the moment, Ziggy’s new cookbook shares delicious recipes from the family that are sure to make tummies grumble when it hits shelves October 11th.


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3. Nemesis (Nemesis Book #1) by Anna Banks

Princess Sepora of Serubel has quite the load on her shoulders. She’s the last Forger in all of the total five Kingdoms and her people continually look for her to give them energy and strength. When her power-hungry father begins to use his daughter’s gift for evil and destruction, Sepora escapes from her kingdom, though ends up captured by the equally powerful King Tarik. If you love young adult romances involving a forbidden, though addicting love, be sure to pick up a copy of Nemesis due to hit shelves October 4th.


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4. Glitter by Aprilynne Pike

Goodreads dubs Glitter as “Breaking Bad meets Marie Antoinette” which is quite the dynamic duo! This is one that we at #AmReading are stoked to read in October for a few reasons: one being that the cover is absolutely gorgeous, and two, because we’re excited to see where this world of drug dealing and eighteenth century living takes us! Due to hit shelves October 25th.


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5. What Light by Jay Asher

Also part of our TBR lists for the month of October is What Light by Jay Asher. Sierra has grown up helping out with the family business, running a Christmas tree farm, her entire life. Each year, it’s the same routine: her family grows the holiday trees out, then they head out to California to sell them to expectant customers. However, during this special trip, Sierra meets the mysterious Caleb, and her routine is completely knocked off balance. Jay Asher has definitely proved himself worthy of tugging at a reader’s heartstrings (read Thirteen Reasons Why and you’ll know exactly what we mean), so this holiday romance is sure to ignite similar emotions. Due to hit shelves October 11th.

WhatLight - cover

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6. Beast by Brie Spangler

A touching young adult novel with wonderful depth, Beast follows the story of Dylan, an outcast at his high school due to his tall, muscular, very hairy appearance. When Dylan joins a therapy group for those who self-harm, he meets Jamie: a beautiful, smart-mouthed, talented photographer who he soon develops strong feelings for. Though when Jamie reveals that she’s transgender, Dylan begins to feel conflicted. If you are a fan of LGBTQ novels that explore the subject openly and vulnerably, be sure to check out Beast when it hits shelves October 11th.


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7. Spare and Found Parts by Sarah Maria Griffin

Nell has grown up as a true outsider. Due to a widespread and devastating epidemic, many people lost various body limbs and Nell’s famous scientific father has been the town hero. While every other resident has new chemical limbs on the outsides of their bodies, Nell is the only one who has one on the inside: a heart. Will she allow her heart to suffer at the hands of science? Find out when Spare and Found Parts hits shelves October 4th.


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8. Hag-Seed (Hogarth Shakespeare) by Margaret Atwood

The fourth novel in the popular Hogarth Shakespeare series, Hag-Seed, written by notable author Margaret Atwood, is a modern retelling of William Shakespeare’s illusion-heavy play, The Tempest. This one is due to hit shelves October 11th.


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9. Speed of Life by J.M. Kelly

Crystal and Amber have always leaned heavy on each other. After all, they’re twins and twins are known to share bonds that no one else can understand. When one of the sisters finds out she’s pregnant, the other reassures her that they’ll somehow figure it out together. Although, when Crystal’s academic talents catch the attention of a guidance counselor, one sister will have to make a choice between going off and living out her dreams, or sacrificing those aspirations for the sake of the other. Due to hit shelves October 11th.


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10. Yesternight by Cat Winters

For fans of the harrowing and psychological thriller, The Uninvited (also by the same author), comes Yesternight, a brand new historical fiction thriller that will leave readers absolutely breathless. Due to hit shelves October 4th.


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11. The Leper Spy: The Story of an Unlikely Hero of World War II by Ben Montgomery

A knock-out true story of one Filipina woman who was one of few top spies for U.S. allies during World War I, The Leper Spy is not to be passed up for those who can’t get enough of historical non-fiction. Due to hit shelves October 1st.


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12. Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

Beautifully interweaving the heavy topic of racial prejudice and childhood innocence, esteemed author Jodi Picoult brings us another story that is sure to get book lovers talking. Ruth, an African American nurse at a Connecticut hospital knows her job inside and out. With more than twenty years of experience and hard-work, there’s not much Ruth hasn’t seen or hasn’t dealt with within the hospital walls. When she continues on with her regular checkup of a newborn baby, Ruth is abruptly told that she has been reassigned to another patient and is not allowed to come within contact of the child. Surprisingly, the hospital honors the wishes of the white supremacist parents and forbids Ruth from becoming further involved One day, the baby goes into cardiac arrest while Ruth is nearby and she is intervenes, only to be charged with a serious crime. Small Great Things explores the strong ignorance of racism as well as the strength in remaining true to one’s morals even if it means being harshly judged by others. Due to hit shelves October 11th.


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What will you be devouring this October? Share what’s on your TBR this month in the comments!

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