Ooh La La! 6 Romantic Date Ideas For Book Lovers

Dates are fun! You even can take yourself on a date, #treatyoself. We like to bring our best friend out on a date night, too. Or go classic and bring your romantic partner on a date that’s sure to impress.

Whatever your dating style, you will love our list of date ideas for book lovers. Inspired by love and books and a love of books, our list is sure to make the sparks fly. Let’s start off our list at #1!


1. Archery, Horseback Riding, And Sword Play Classes

These kinds of activities really appeal to lovers of historical fiction and The Lord of the Rings. Practicing an activity IRL that you’ve read about countless times before gives you a greater appreciation for the skill involved! Make a bet at who will be better at archery and the loser has to buy dinner. Our book inspiration for an archery date is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins so that we can all practice being Katniss.


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2. Canoeing, Paddle Boats, And A Dinner Cruise

Take a romantic boat ride a la The Notebook or sail the high seas a la Herman Melville! The sea has been an inspiration for artists and writers since time immemorial. Become inspired and talk about your favorite books that take place by rivers, lakes, and oceans. You could even go scuba diving in the style of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! Limitless possibilities for book inspired romance.


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3. Book Store Dates

Obviously, a visit to the bookstore is one of our favorite date ideas. It’s just that we’re always there, so sometimes we need a little excitement added with our book shopping ventures. Spice up your bookstore visit by playing games with your date. Both of you go on a mission to find the perfect book for each other!


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4. Visiting An Art Museum

The connections between art and poetry are plentiful. Many great writers have rubbed elbows with fine artists and some even dabble in both. Art museums are great because they get your date talking. Even if the exhibit is terrible it’s usually a lot of fun to visit! Bonus that the gift shop usually has a sizable book collection! Did you know that Lewis Carroll illustrated the first edition of Alice in Wonderland himself?

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5. Create Your Dream Reading Nook At Ikea Together

Take a visit to the local IKEA and have a field day. While most couples go there to argue over furniture, you and your date will be there taking photos of your favorite bookshelves, cushions, and chairs to get inspiration to build your own special reading nooks!

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6. Stargazing While Listening To Audiobooks

To be ultra romantic, go watch the stars together and bring your speakers. It can be a little awkward to just lie down and stare up, but if you listen to an audiobook together you can fill the silence with literature. Also, your date will be apt to keep going on dates with you to find out what happens in the book!


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Thanks for reading our list of date ideas! Check out our feature on why libraries would make the perfect bookish date spot!

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