My First Trip To The Library

Picture it. You’re seven years old and you’re getting a puppy. That alone is a pretty exciting event in the life of a seven year old. But then your Mother decides to get some books on Yorkshire Terriers. Which means only one thing, it’s time to go to the library.

Up until this point I had only ever been to my school’s library. Don’t get me wrong, the school library was nice (the bean bag chairs were always in high demand) but it was nothing compared to the city library.

It was a beautiful sunny day when we walked into the two story brick clad building. We walked past the front desk and to the second floor where the non-fiction section was. My Mom pointed out the signs in between the aisles, explaining how you used them to find what you were looking for. After looking through a bunch of different books on dogs, we found a few that pertained to what we needed.


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Finally, it was time for the exciting part! I was practically skipping as we went to the children’s section downstairs. I remember it being an open section towards the back of the library. Towering bookshelves walled in the area around the back windows. The place was filled with the dazzling light from outside. There were plenty of pint sized furniture; me-sized tables for reading, squishy chairs, and even some toys.

But rather then going straight to the books, my Mom made a stop at the computer in the middle of the room. At the time I loved Waldo and I Spy books, so she was checking the directory for any in stock. I beat her to it. The library had a low book shelf by the window with some featured books and Waldo was right at the front. My first library book! I hugged Waldo close while we looked around for some other things. I was allowed to pick five to bring home. I can’t remember all of them, except for Waldo¬†and The Snow Queen (which made adult me very confused at the movie Frozen).

Stack of books in hand, we returned to the front desk. I was grinning from ear to ear while my Mom signed me up for my first library card. I even got to sign the back myself (hey, that’s a big deal for a seven year old)!

Finally, we left. I searched for Waldo on the way home in the car, and I read The Snow Queen that night before bed. The best part? We would be going back in two weeks.


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What was your first trip to the library like?

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