Book Sniffers Unite: 10 Literary Candles You Need in Your Life

There’s nothing like the smell of books. Old books, new paperbacks, and leather bound books all have own distinctive scent, and book lovers just can’t get enough. There are also so many places in the books we love that we wish we could smell, but that are left to the imagination. Here are 10 literary candles to light the next time you sit down with a great book.


1. Belle’s Library From Anthology Candles

Anthology Candles offers all your favorite fairy tale scents, from worn leather covers and notes of enchanted rose in Belle’s Library, to the delicious aroma of bakery sweets and tea in the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Candle. Candles are $16.00.

Image: Anthology Candles

Source: Amazon

2. Old Books From Frostbeard

Frostbeard makes dozens of bookish scents—some inspired by famous scenes from novels, and others inspired by the smell of books. Old Books is a popular scent from the 5-star rated Etsy company. Buy it for $18.

Image: Frostbeard

Source: Amazon

3. Literary Scents From Callie Meaney

Callie Meaney’s bookish candles will transport you to Sherlock Holmes‘ study, Jane Eyre’s rose garden, an ivy-filled escape in Pride & Prejudice, or the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Candles are $16 on Uncommon Goods.


4. Oscar Wilde from Werther & Gray

Werther & Gray carries a number of candles in their Writers Series—a group that builds upon their Antique Books fragrance. Oscar Wilde is an 8 ounce soy blend candle available for $18.

5. White Way of Delight Anne of Green Gables Candle By The Melting Library

This refreshing candle is a blend of fresh pickled apples and apple blossoms, inspired by the apple trees planted along the Avenue in Anne of Green Gables. Buy it from The Melting Library on Etsy for $14.50.

Image: The Melting Library

Source: The Melting Library

6. Jane Austen Library Candle from Paddywax

The artisan candle company has an outstanding library series inspired by classic authors. The attractive labels have a quote by the author; in the case of the Jane Austen candle, it reads, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” Enjoy a night in with a good book, and the scent of gardenia, tuberose, and jasmine for $18.15. This candle would be marvelous beside your Jane Austen book collection.

Image: Paddywax

Source: Amazon

7. Narnia’s Woods from Half Oak Candles

If you ever dreamed of opening your closet and finding a secret passage into the woods, Narnia’s Woods is the candle for you. Blue Spruce with pine and cedarwood give this candle its magical scent. Buy it for $14 on Etsy.


Source: Etsy

8. Dusty Bookshelf from Form & Flux

If you’ve ever leaned into a library shelf just to take a good whiff of all the books, you need the Dusty Bookshelf candle in your life. Buy it for $18 AUD here.

9. Walden Woods from Hearth and Hammer

Maybe you can’t break away from everyday life, move into a cabin on a pond, and simply, simplify, but at least you can light this Thoreau inspired candle, take a hot bath, and read Walden. Buy it for $18 on Etsy.


Source: Etsy

10. Gin, Juniper + Daisy from North Avenue Candles

This Great Gatsby inspired candle brings Daisy and the raucous parties of the West Egg to life with notes of juniper, tart green apple, rosemary, daisy, and jasmine. Plus, the library card label is adorable. Buy it for $22 from Etsy.


Source: Etsy

Which luscious scent will you be adding to your home?

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