6 Stunning Jane Austen Collections Which Janeites Will Ardently Admire

In the world of books, there are book lovers and then there are book collectors. The former may love books and buy and display as many of them that will fit into their abode, but the book collector is a different entity. A book collector has particular favorite authors and favorite titles, and they desire as many different editions of those cherished reads as they can find.

Many bibliophiles are devotees of Miss Austen, and each fan of hers has come to such an adoration by a different route, but for book collectors who are Janeites there exists a tantalizing selection of aesthetically breathtaking collections of her work. Are you intrigued? Tempted? Here they are:


 1. The Penguin Clothbound Classics Set

A stunning collection which includes Love and Friendship and Lady Susan, these clothbound books come in a range of colors and each volume has a different design. A very pretty acquisition for one’s shelf.

Source: Bustle

Source: Amazon

 2. The Vintage Classics Austen Series

Think watercolors in a reinforced paperback style (for those who like their reading, and rereading, of a pliable tactile nature). Gorgeous. Mansfield Park, here I come…

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

 3. The Juniper Books Jane Austen Set In Vellum

Juniper Books makes custom covers for collector’s favorite series’ (including Harry Potter btw). If you’re not vegetarian or vegan, this is a collection of Austen-apt beauty. A subtle bone color with simple, uniform detail to the covers and spine, this is for the more classic collector. No Persuasion needed here, if you know what I mean…

Source: Juniper Books

Source: Juniper Books

 4. The Juniper Books Jane Austen Set In Pink

Yes, it’s girly, but so cute, too. A collection for the more flamboyant Janeite collector. Good for particular fans of Emma perhaps.

 5. The Juniper Books Jane Austen Signature Set

My favorite (reminiscent of Vintage’s paperback collection of Proust’s In Search of Lost Time), this is one that is needed to complete the full, intended effect on one’s shelf. Northanger Abbey surely suits this idea perfectly.

 6. Barnes & Noble Collectible Edition in Jane Austen

Finally, if you prefer your collection combined into a large (in this case, very large) specimen, then Barnes & Noble’s collected seven novels of Austen is the one to go for. A leatherbound tome for those with an endless appetite for Austen. A perfect compliment to the shelf of any Pride and Prejudice admirer.

Source: Barnes & Noble

Source: Amazon

Do you know of other Austen collections for Janeites?

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