Don’t Look Behind You – 20 Thrilling Horror Stories By Self-Published Writers

Ah, the changing of the seasons. From a summer that filled your every pore with sunlight and warmth to an autumn of multicolored leaves and cool breezes hinting for the winter. Amongst the calm of thinning trees and graying skies, there is also excitement; excitement directed at the decorations in grocery shops and malls alike. Pumpkins, witches, black cats, zombies, mysterious glowing eyes in the dark.

Although there are several thrilling horror stories from September all throughout October, it is only fair to acknowledge one particular website that allows its members to submit their own creepy pieces for the world to read.

So, in order from shorter to longer, here are 20 free short stories by independent writers. Not just any type of short stories, no. Ladies and gentlemen, these are 20 short stories that will make your skin crawl with a sense of disturbing uneasiness to get you in that Halloween mood.

Note: The authors who were identified will be referred to by their Creepypasta usernames.

1. Nellie by joeeglyauthor

2. I Told You To Smile submitted by HyukxHongbin238

3. The Message submitted by Creepypasta Indexer

4. The Kaleidoscope submitted by Creepypasta Indexer

5. Bad Dreams submitted by Creepypasta Indexer



6. Find Me by WayWardWanderer

7. I Should Have Worn A Different Watch by ClarenceWMatthews

8. The Cold Shoulder by CharminglyShallow

9. Camera Shy by SWATtheory

10. Come Closer by M59Gar



11. Hide and Seek by cuteinsanity

12. Public Restrooms by Darksparx

13. The Curious Case of Smile.jpg submitted by Creepypasta Indexer

14. My Older Sister by Kibalnuzuka

15. My Daughter Died On Her Sixth Birthday by somethingstraange



16. The House That Death Forgot by WriterJosh

17. The Stairs and the Doorway by Unxmaal

18. Four Hours It Stared by IsisIssa

19. Pills by K.E. Moore

20. Seventeen by Cream


Which story gave you the creeps? Do comment below, and do not forget: don’t look behind you.


Featured image via Pixabay

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