5 Of The Best Free Books In The Kindle Lending Library (With Kindle Unlimited)

Would you be interested if I told you there are an insane amount of books available to read for free, without heading to your local library? With the help of a Kindle, all your reading desires are possible.


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For eight years now Kindle has been the predominant e-reader on the market, and for good reason. The Kindle Lending Library is an outlet to borrow free books for Amazon Prime members. Although, you really have to search for them and you’re only allowed to borrow one book each month.

But with Kindle Unlimited, you have free access to over a million titles for only $9.99 per month. Not hundreds or thousands, but millions of books. This small fee is nothing in comparison to all the money you’ll save purchasing books every month, especially if you’re a bookworm! Even better, you can sign up for one free trial month to get started.

Here are the five best books currently available to Kindle Unlimited members. They’ll really knock your socks off.


1. Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale

A Wall Street Journal bestseller, Everything We Keep addresses very serious emotions involving our loved ones as it follows Aimee, who struggles to rebuild her life after the death of her fiance. It addresses devastating loss, finding love again, learning the truth about the people we love, and the things we do to protect our beloved.


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2. Interference by Amélie Antoine

If you love twists and turns, this psychological thriller is for you. Gabriel and his wife Chloé seem to have the ultimately perfect life. That is, until Chloé mysteriously drowns, leaving Gabriel to grieve and try to pick up the pieces. Will he be able to move on when he meets someone new? Was Chloé murdered? Is anything ever as it seems?


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3. The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison

This crime novel tells a story from the perspective of a young woman and kidnap survivor as she retells her story to the FBI. Maya’s horrific recount involves a man with a lush garden and his ‘butterflies’, or women he has kidnapped and tattooed to resemble their namesakes. Yet, her story just doesn’t seem to add up, leaving the detectives to wonder what she’s hiding.


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4. Doubt (Caroline Auden Legal Thriller Book #1) by C.E. Tobisman

Book one in The Caroline Auden Legal Thriller series, Doubt begins when a biotech giant creates a genetically modified protein used in common foods that they claim isn’t dangerous. But people begin to die, and a massive lawsuit ensues. The victims turn to Caroline for help, a rookie lawyer with a troubled past. She hacks her way to uncover beneficial evidence for the case with her adversaries hot on her heels.


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5. The Things We Wish Were True by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen

Have you ever looked out your window and admired your neighbor, wondering what it would be like to live their life? In The Things We Wish Were True, Sycamore Glen is a perfect small town. Or is it? Behind the perfect yards and white picket fences lies a secret past that is unraveled when a banished woman returns to town, making everyone question how well they actually know one another.


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This video is a few years old, but it’s great at explaining the pros and cons of Kindle Unlimited for those of you considering signing up.

What are some of your favorite free eBooks? Are you a Kindle Unlimited member already? Share in the comments below.

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