Librarian’s Humbly Earned $4 Million Estate Left Entirely To The School Where He Worked

Robert Morin, University of New Hampshire Alumni and library employee of almost 50 years, lived a simple life. But don’t judge Morin’s book by its cover. Somewhere within the chapters of his life, Morin acquired a $4 million fortune. And left it all to UNH.

A graduate of the class of 1963, Morin then became a campus staple, working in UNH’s Diamond Library as a cataloguer.

According to the school, Robert Morin is estimated to have read over 1,900 books throughout his life. Including every book (barring children’s, cookbooks & technology) published between 1930-1940 in chronological order.

Quirky, yes. But something any book lover would be proud to be remembered by? Certainly.


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His passion for stories didn’t stop at books. Morin also managed to watch over 22,000 videos between 1979 and 1997. The school plans to use the majority of the money, $2.5 million, to give students and alumni a centrally located and expanded career center.

Citing Morin’s new found interest in football toward the end of his life, they’re also using $1 million to purchase a video scoreboard for the new stadium.

University President Mark Huddleston added in a statement:

“Bob’s demonstrated commitment to UNH through his philanthropy is tremendously inspiring. His generous gift allows us to address a number of university priorities. We are committed to providing the resources needed to ensure every student achieves professional success and Bob’s gift will play a major role in that effort.”

And at least $100,000 will go specifically to Diamond Library, in the hopes of providing support to students interested in library science.

Robert Morin may have lived simply, but he found a perfect way to write his own final chapter with a bang.


Source: Flickr

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