Five Books About Faith From The Newest Catholic Saint

Mother Teresa was canonized as a saint this past Sunday; she is best known for her work with the poor, sick, and dying in Calcutta, but she was also a rather prolific writer. Here are five of her books that may help you along your journey of faith.


1. A Simple Path

Here, Teresa shares her personal history, from what led her to decide to become a nun to what her daily life entailed. She also shares stories surrounding her creation of the Missionaries of Charity, the organization that carried on her work for the disenfranchised of Calcutta.


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2. In the Heart of the World: Thoughts, Stories, and Prayers

Teresa shares a more in-depth view of her daily life, routines, and work. She also includes prayers and spiritual wisdom to inspire you to deepen your faith.


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2. Thirsting for God: A Yearbook of Meditations

Compiled by Angela Scolozzi, this book is a collection of daily readings from Teresa’s writings, meant to inspire and comfort you throughout your day.


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4. No Greater Love

This work is, in essence, Teresa’s own personal theology. She breaks down her view of the Christian faith by theme, specifically discussing prayer, service, love, forgiveness, and charity. Teresa teaches us what she believes and why it’s so important today.


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5. Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light: The Private Writings of the Saint of Calcutta

Though Teresa worked tirelessly for the poor and sick, she often suffered privately from times of great despair and doubt. In this book, Brian Kolodiejchuk compiles several of her private letters, some which have never before been made public, which provide a far more human view of this saint, proving that even the closest to God have difficult moments.


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I hope you’ll take the time to celebrate Mother Teresa’s sainthood by picking up one of these books and delving further into her wisdom!

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