8 Cardinal Rules Of Borrowing Books

There are people who like books. Then there are the people who love books. As members of the second group we tend to do a lot of excited recommending and selfless lending to the first group. The problem is, they just don’t understand how the lending and borrowing arrangement works!

Here are our 8 cardinal rules for book borrowers.


1. Do Not Take Our Books To The Beach

If you don’t enjoy lying on the beach, listening to the sea, and reading a book, you are a fairly unique person. However, if you wish to do, we suggest you take a book other than the one we have lent you. Yes, we lent it to you to read while you went on a beach holiday. No, you may not take it to a place where paper goes to die. Sun lotion, sand, sea water, sticky food and beverages, I think not.

2. Do Not Take Our Books In The Bathroom

I understand that it’s relaxing to bathe with floral scents and the printed page. I also understand that, for many, bathroom time is the only time they have enough peace to open a book. However, smells tend to linger between pages. And as shown below, water is not a lover of ink, paper and glue.

3. Do Not Use Book As A Coaster

You may look at the book we have just lent you and think, ‘Well they obviously don’t care about how their books look!’ Wrong! We share a special bond with each of our books. They proudly show the scars of our journeys. Use a real coaster, like these cool bamboo ones.


Source: Deviant Art

4. Do Not Let Children Destroy

I believe the children are the future. They should be reading whatever they want at whatever age they want. However I don’t think your 2 year old is really into that copy of A Movable Feast that I read while traveling around Paris.. I think the little one just wants to bite it, throw it or use it to knock the round peg through the triangular hole. Point being: please teach kids the value of a good book, both physically and intellectually.


Source: Pixabay

5. Do Not Dog Ear Pages

While enjoying this book, you may see creases where we have artfully and strategically dog eared some pages. If you do not have a book mark, use a receipt, or scrap of paper. All that we ask of you is: please don’t add any folds or creases that were not already there. Respect our books just like we would respect yours.


Source: Savage Reads

6. Do Not Fail To Read

I’ll keep this one short: if you know you won’t read it, leave it in the warm safe climate where it usually resides. Don’t kidnap and then ignore it. That’s just cruel.


Source: New Yorker

7. Do Not Lose, Then Replace With A Different Version

Just plain rude. If I was baby-sitting and lost your 2 year old genius, I wouldn’t try to replace your child with another randomly selected infant with approximately the same features.


Source: Amazon

8. Do Confess Any Damage Done On Return

Honestly, what’s a bit of paper and ink between two old friends?


Source: Just Faith

Let us know your bad experiences with book lending or borrowing below!

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Featured image via Pleasant Hill Book Club

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