The Art Of The Book Recommendation

As any reader knows, with great titles come great responsibilities. We all have those friends who know us as bookworms, and therefore come to us for the mighty book recommendation, a task that is not as easy as it looks, for it takes a lot of knowledge both about the person and the world of books. Though there are many ways you can get book recommendations, such as from online librarians, websites, and reading apps, nothing is better than being able to go to those who you know and trust most.

Therefore, here are some tips for those who are asked, or for those who want to feel more confident in giving book recommendations:


1. Engage!

There is not a better way to help someone find a book they want to read than by engaging them in the following factors: what they like to read, what they want to read, and the last books they read and liked (or disliked). Ask questions and seek a deeper understanding of the person. Dependent upon how well you know them personally, that can only help you connect them and potential reads.


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2. Do not be judgmental!

Realize that everyone enjoys different types of books. The best thing I would say is try to help a reader explore different authors in the same category. If you feel you cannot give a David Baldacci recommendation, then find authors you enjoy and appreciate in the same genre and work from there. Sometimes people are waiting for new authors to be recommended and sometimes people want to just stick with what they know. Both are completely okay and be sure to respect that and not force certain novels.


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3. Keep up with authors and new books!

While not every reader wants a new release, I have found in my experience that many people want books that are current. That does not necessarily mean the new bestsellers, but something more modern. To me, it is not about reading every book there is, though just getting in the habit of keeping up with new releases and new/unknown authors.

4. Practice!

As silly as it sounds, whether you are looking at yourself in a mirror or talking to a friend, work through some ways of giving book recommendations to find the smoothest way for you. Sometimes people will ask for a recommendation and catch you off guard, but if you have a few different styles to run-through already, then it makes the situation a lot easier.

5. Keep a running list of what you have read

Whether using internet websites, like Goodreads, or a physical list, you should write down what you have read and if you really want to challenge yourself, practice a little run through of a few books. This will help you to keep your recollections of stories you’ve read fresh and clear.

Do you have specific advice or ways you like to give book recommendations?

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