Oddball Authors: 10 Weird Facts About Your Favorite Authors

Mysterious disappearances. Rape and abuse. Exorcisms.  That’s just a few of the weird occurrences surrounding ten best-selling novelists.  Dive into the quirkiness below.

1.Michael Crichton

This colossal writer (quite literally – he was 6’9″ tall!) of the Jurassic Park novels (and many other bestsellers) underwent an exorcism after being told by his channeler that he had a “tramp spirit.”

michael crichton

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2. Stephen King

The prolific author plays rhythm guitar in an all-writers band called The Rock Bottom Remainders with Matt Groening, Mitch Albom, Amy Tan, and Ridley Pearson.

Stephen King

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3. Dean Koontz

Would you believe he wrote an episode of “CHiPs” and was even offered a role in the episode, but turned it down so he could concentrate on his writing?  He wrote the episode “Counterfeit” under the pseudonym, Brian Coffey.

dean koontz

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4. J.K. Rowling

Renowned for her brilliant Harry Potter series, which turned into blockbuster hit movies,  J.K. Rowling has turned a generation of children into readers.  In a computer age, it’s surprising to learn that she completed her first draft of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on an old, manual typewriter.

j.k. rowling

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5. Jodi Picoult

Her son is openly gay and she is a passionate activist for LGBT rights.  In 2011, she released Sing You Home, a novel that portrayed the struggles of the LGBT community in a pre-marriage equality America.

jodie picoult

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6. James Patterson

His son did not like to read, which prompted him to pen outside of his regular genre- children and young adult books.  He also operates ReadkiddoRead.com which is a website dedicated to helping children choose books that foster a love for reading.

james patterson

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7. William Faulkner

Nobel Prize winner W. Faulkner  would not accept Christmas presents from his family unless they were pipe cleaners.  They’d be hung from the Christmas tree as gifts, with cards attached.  Anything other than pipe cleaners would remain in his study, unopened.

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8. Agatha Christie

As if she weren’t enigmatic enough: during WWII she was investigated by MI5 for writing a character that was suspiciously similar to one of their code breakers.  The investigation was later dropped.

She also disappeared for 11 days under highly suspect circumstances.  To this day, the 11 days that she was missing remains a mystery.

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9. Marion Zimmer Bradley

Posthumously accused of rape and abuse by her daughter, the famed Sci-Fi/Fantasy author never faced any charges; however, her husband did and was jailed.  Her daughter claims that she didn’t speak up during her lifetime because she didn’t want to upset her mother’s fans.  Her memoirs and poems recollecting the abuse are quite disturbing.  You can read them here.

marion zimmer bradley

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10. Nora Roberts

Although she was one of the first authors to utilize the internet to communicate with her fans, Nora Roberts refuses to publicize via Twitter stating, “I’d rather stab myself in the eye with a flaming stick.”


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What could you add to this list?

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