19 Times Tumblr Understood Just How Stressful A Booklover’s Life Is

As my friends know, if you can’t find me in our designated meeting spot, there is a 99.9% certainty that I can be found – lost but happy – in the nearby bookstore. This is a source of many problems. Tumblr gets why.


  • Bookstore visits are magical adventures.
  • Such magic costs money: your bank account is denuded by their spell every single time.
  • That magic does not stretch to beyond the store.
  • But that bookstore magic always tantalizes in the most cruelly expert of ways.

Source: damotp.tumblr.com

  • This is how booklovers come to have favorite authors.
  • And this is why we have a love-hate relationship with those authors.
  • Books literally take you on an emotional rollercoaster.
  • Sometimes, admittedly, that rollercoaster is too much…
  • …which leaves us emotionally exhausted wrecks.
  • To read a book is to live another life: our own must necessarily suffer.
  • Because we choose to be with books more often than people.
  • Don’t mention the logistics of packing for vacation.
  • Don’t mention the books that disappoint us.
  • Because we’ve devoted serious time to reading these books.
  • We dream(ed) that college required reading included our favorite fiction.

Source: Tumblr

  • We are professional excuse-makers to slot our reading habit into our real lives.
  • If you ask what we’re reading while we’re reading, you will get only one response:
  • We worry what will become of our books when we’ve shuffled off our mortal coils.
  • Books, in short, are everything.

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