Fox Hunters: 5 Books About Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Terriers are a breed of canine that have been known, for centuries, as fox hunters. They have extremely high energy levels, are friendly companions, and are always up digging up something. I may be a little biased in my love for them (I have a 1 year old Jack Russell/Dachshund mix) though I believe that, likewise with all other types and species of animals, deserve a little time in the spotlight every now and then. Check out the nine books below all about the spotted furry friends!


1. Jack Russell Terriers For Dummies by Deborah Britt Hay

The perfect manual to pick up if you’ve recently adopted a Jack Russell puppy (or adult) and want to get a strong hold on how to effectively train them. (Heads up: they’re quite a handful of energy and can be quite stubborn!)


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2. Jack Russell Terriers: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Behavior, and Training (Complete Owner’s Manual) by D. Caroline Coile

This guide provides more of a backstory for the tan and white spotted dogs and also includes specifics on their diet and ways for owners to ensure their furry friends live the happiest, most fulfilled life possible.


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3. The Jack Russell Terrier: Courageous Companion by Catherine Romaine Brown

I especially appreciate this companion book because I feel that it sheds light on the vivacious personality of all breeds of Jack Russells. Likewise with humans, us animal lovers can all agree that each of our pets (yes, even our fish!) have their own unique personalities and, of course, we want to take the best care of them we can while also training them to be well behaved and obedient.


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4. Living With A Jack Russell Terrier Edited by Rani MorningStar

It’s one thing to read countless books, watch YouTube training videos and buy cute clothes for your puppy, though it’s a completely different ballgame actually living with your new JR canine. Humorous, and all too relatble for owners who already have this particular type of breed living in their home, Living With A Jack Russell Terrier is the ultimate insight into these precious dog’s worlds.


5. All About Jack Russell Puppies by J. Sparrow

Now, I wish I would’ve bought this guide before adopting my Jack Russell puppy (though, her adoption was kind of a split of the moment decision.) It surely would’ve helped me understand what exactly I was getting into! Now, don’t get me wrong, they’re awesome, very loyal, and fun dogs, however, like all, require discipline and efficient training. Give this guide a try if you’re interested in adding a Jack Russell to your family!


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