6 Scrumptious Pastry Books All About Cupcakes

I’m not much of a baker, though I’m always up for trying new fun, cute recipes (especially anything that involves chocolate)! Whether you love just glancing through countless Instagram food accounts or are looking for some new pastry books to indulge in, check out these six delicious books all about cupcakes that will eternally satisfy your sweet tooth!


1. The Big Book of Cupcakes by Betty Crocker

What better way to open up a list of cupcake books than with one of the most well-known women bakers of our time? This sweet book will have you cursing yourself once you’re in the dentist’s office for hours (cavites are never fun) though if you’re a major sweet tooth, you know it’ll be worth it!


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2. Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes: 175 Inspired Ideas for Everyone’s Favorite Treat by Martha Stewart

If you’re not all that keen on the more traditional vanilla, strawberry or chocolate cupcakes, Martha Stewart still has a bunch of cupcake recipes you’ll love to try out. After all, there are 175 of them!


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3. Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World: 75 Dairy-Free Recipes for Cupcakes that Rule by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Vegans often get a bad wrap, especially when it comes to pastries and sweet treats. If you happen to be Vegan, consider checking out Vegan Cupcakes which is full of an abundance of dairy-free recipes that fit well within your diet but are also tasty!


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4. 500 Cupcakes: The Only Cupcake Compendium You’ll Ever Need by Fergal Connolly

Whew, 500 cupcakes! Sounds like paradise! 500 Cupcakes is the ideal recipe book for those who cannot get enough of the cupcake craze. Makes for a perfect coffee table book too!


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5. Cupcakes, Cookies & Pie, Oh My by Karen Tack

Dorothy might have visited the wonderful land of Oz, though I’m sure she never encountered such a sweet place filled with all sorts of delectable treats! You might kick yourself later, though for the moment, feel free to completely indulge in all things sweet and sugary.


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6. 1,000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakes by Sandra Salamony

Do you like more of the decorating side of baking rather than the actual baking? Consider checking out 1,00 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes. Not only does it offer tips and tricks on how to best decorate your favorite treats (in an affordable way) though it also encourages bakers to simply have fun with one of their most loved hobbies.


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Which special cupcake recipe are you drooling over?

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