Total Eyegasm! 10 Of The Most Beautiful Bookshelves You’ve Ever Seen

When we are caught for a moment without our noses furrowed down in a novel, what else would book enthusiasts love to look at more than unique, one-of-a-kind bookshelves? I’ve recently color-coded and organized my own little library and, even though the work is rather tedious, the appearance after putting in all that hard work is so worth it! If you’re looking for some inspiration for organizing your own bookshelf, or simply just love gazing at other’s, you don’t want to miss the ones below!


1. Teal Treasures

This vibrant teal bookshelf is a striking gift to the eye! I love the color because it’s so eye-catching and further encourages one to read simply because it’s pretty!


Source: Homesthetics

2. Wall Bookshelf

If you really are aiming towards having your own library, consider utilizing an entire wall and installing some shelves within. Not ideal if you’re renting your home, though if you own your home, it’s a wonderful way to keep your beloved books all together and easy to grab.


Source: Tumblr

3. Ravenous Rainbow

I love the color-coding of this book collection. It makes for such a lovely presentation and whenever your friends and family come over to visit, the luscious beauty of the colorful hues will make them want to grab a book and cozy up!


Source: ChaChic

4. Pure Sophistication

Wow, if this isn’t one heck of a mature, classy library, I don’t know what is!


Source: Pinterest

5. Modern Artist

This one gives off a very artsy vibe to me. I know that sounds fairly vague, though I think what gives this bookshelf its edge is its slight disorganization. You can tell it’s very much lived in and used often!

6. Simple Chic

Offering both a higher shelf and a lower section that is accessible by an elegant staircase, this bookshelf/mini library makes for an excellent, and cozy place for cherished stories to call home.


Source: Homedit

7. For the Kids

Small, easily accessible, though with plenty of space, this white bookshelf immediately striked me as one perfect for little ones! Especially tiny ones may not be able to reach the higher shelves just yet, though they can still help organize their stories how they want!

8. A Host’s Paradise

By making use of other space, this bookshelf also is used for wine and other lavish decorations.

9. Secret Door

A secret door? Now THAT is an awesome attribute to making a library one’s own!

10. Way High Up!

The architectural details of this office/library are exquisite, though the ladder seems to be the only way up! Would you prefer having your dream library be one floor or multiple ones?


Source: Sun Penny

What details would make your dream library perfect? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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Featured image via Wilderland

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