Take A Breather: Here Are Five Coloring Books To Help You Calm Down When Anxiety Strikes

Close to forty million people, in the United States alone, suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder. Thankfully, societal and medically, we have begun to make substantial progress on ridding both the negative stigma of any sort of mental illness, no matter how ‘severe,’ as well as managed to explore new studies of more successful treatments. With the rise of adult coloring books in the recent year, coloring is among the activities that have helped those dealing with anxiety to take a breather and try and calm themselves. Below are five coloring books that I hope will be a source of peace and optimism for you, no matter what giant you may be facing.

1. Color Me Calm by Lucy Mucklow and Angela Porter

Complete with a hundred various illustrations and pictures, this is the perfect coloring book to grab and take to your favorite peaceful spot to try and relax.


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2. Color Therapy: An Anti-Stress Coloring Book by Cindy Wilde, Laura-Kate Chapman and Richard Merritt

I wish I knew the in depth science behind what is so detoxifying and relaxing about coloring, though it has definitely proven itself worthy of actually working! If you’re not sure if it’s the right stress-relief activity for you, consider giving it a test run with Color Therapy.


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3. The Mandala Coloring Book by Jim Gogarty

The Mandala Coloring Book was among the first to really light the fuse on this entire adult coloring book phenomenon. Though it’s images are simple, they are ideal for a relaxing evening surrounded by your favorite things.


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4. The Little Book of Calm Coloring by David Sinden and Victoria Kay

A lovely little book to help you remain calm and at peace.


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5. Creative Therapy: An Anti-Stress Coloring Book by Hannah Davies, Richard Merritt and Jo Taylor

Whether it be through painting, coloring, dancing, singing, or any other artistic activity, it’s wonderful to know that there are creative, healthy ways we can cope with the pressures of life. Check out this anti-stress coloring book if you just can’t seem to put down those crayolas!


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I have a few Disney coloring books on my shelf that I love popping open every now and then. Maybe, I’ll add a few of these to my collection! Let us know, does coloring help you to wipe away the stress of the day?

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