Are You Excited For The New Game Of Thrones Coloring Book?

All Men Must Draw!

The adult coloring book craze struck the world by storm and so did George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones television series. Put the two together and fans went crazy for the Official Game of Thrones coloring book when it was released in October 2015. Now, back by popular demand, we have the upcoming HBO Game of Thrones coloring book!

Produced as a collaboration between Chronicle Books and HBO, this second edition coloring book contains 35 fantastic coloring pages depicting scenes from the first six seasons of the HBO television series. Such illustrations include some of the fan favorite characters such as Daenerys and her epic dragons, the undead army and of course, the Iron Throne.


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This second coloring book is different to the first book because it includes many characters and scenes that were absent from the original Game Of Thrones coloring book such as Denaerys and Jon Snow, who are two of the most fan-loved characters of the series.

Fans and coloring artists can let their imaginations loose coloring images of Daenerys, Arya Stark, The Red Viper, The Mountain and the beautiful Direwolf Ghost and the popular Jon Snow. You can re-create one of the many battle scenes scattered throughout the world, as well as re-decorate some of the common places such as Winterfell, Castle Black, Kings Landing and Dragonstone.

Although the newly released one contains less coloring pages, it contains more of what the fans of both the book series and the HBO television series crave. So if you have finished coloring all of the magical pages in the Official Game Of Thrones Coloring book from last year, the new HBO Game of Thrones Coloring book is set to hit the shelves of your favorite book stores on October 27, 2016.

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