5 BookTubers That Will Further Ignite Your Reading Obsession

YouTube has come a long way since the days of squirrel water skiing and double rainbows. Chances are, if you have an interest, there’s an entire community on YouTube who shares and video blogs about that interest too. While we bibliophiles may think of libraries, bookstores, journals, magazines, and blogs as the best way to get reading recommendations, BookTuber channels are an awesome resource. When you find a BookTuber with similar tastes and a regularly updated channel, it can feel like getting a recommendation or review from a friend. Here are five awesome BookTubers to get you started.

1. Books and Quills

Sanne, the 27-year-old book lover behind Books and Quills, lives books. She works as a Social Media Producer for Penguin Random House UK, and reviews young adult, sci-fi, classics, and contemporary fiction on her channel. Books and Quills has 10 million views and 152,000 subscribers, and usually updates weekly.

2. Well Done Books


Max, the YouTuber behind Well Done Books is the perfect person to follow if you love literary fiction. While he also reads plays, short stories, and graphic novels, his well thought out literary criticism and recommendations are worth subscribing for.

3. Books and Big Hair

India, the reader, writer, and vlogger behind Books and Big Hair is a joy to watch, and her fantasy and young adult recommendations will make your to-read list endless. Though she’s passionate and excited about books, her personality is more mellow than many BookTubers.

4. Peruse Project

Regan is the high energy BookTuber behind Peruse Project who loves young adult, fantasy, and historical fiction. Her channel focuses on recommendations, reviews, and book hauls, with the occasional fashion haul or book subscription unboxing.

5. Jellafy

If you’re not a fan of the high energy book review, Jellafy, run by Jenny, is the perfectly sarcastic answer to your BookTuber prayers. Her book reviews are in depth, full of feelings, and completely relatable, which makes watching her channel feel like talking to a bookish friend. Though Jenny’s style is completely different than Regan’s, the two BookTubers are friends who often swap their favorite reads.


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