It’s Never To Early To Start: The Story Of A Teenage NYT Best-Selling Author

Most of us can probably reminisce back to our younger days when our parents, grandparents, teachers, and just about every adult in our life encouraged us to read. (For me, it was at least an hour a day). Now, likewise with a majority of activities, when you’re somewhat forced to do something, it makes it that much more loathsome. Same goes for reading and writing at that age: you loved it or hated it. Hardly a gray area.

However, have you ever thought about if those short stories and picture books you wrote when you were trying to pass the time at school were actually published?

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That’s exactly what happened to then 12 year old Jake Marcionette, who penned his first book, which would go on to become a New York Time’s bestseller, entitled Just Jake. Don’t worry if you were on the side of despising reading/writing time in your childhood days. Young Jake shared your pain:

“When i was younger, I hated to read and write. I couldn’t stand it. And my mom actually forced me and my sister to write and read every day during the summer.”

With his mother’s continuous encouragement and motivation on the prominence of reading and writing, Jake eventually completed Just Jake at just the ripe age of 12, completely shocked at discovering that it made the New York Time’s Bestsellers List.

“When I heard ‘Just Jake‘ made the New York Times Best Sellers list I was just floored.”


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Talk about a momentous achievement! Fast forward four years later and Jake finds himself buried in SAT books and determined to excel on those ever important college exams, all the while working on two additional books.

“It’s never too early to start thinking about what to do you want to do? What do you love, what are you passionate about and really start chasing after your dreams.”

As for the woman behind the talented young author, Debra Marcionette offered this advice to parents:

“Start early. That would be my number one tip. Because at an early age first of all you’re creating good habits really young. We can’t just rely on our teachers…We need to be that support for our teachers so that the children can be as successful as they can be.”

Jake is, for sure, a great example of not limiting yourself just simply because of age. After all, age is just a number and regardless of where we rank on that scale, we still have the opportunity to attain our most cherished aspirations.

You can pick up a copy of the books in the Just Jake series below:

Book One: Just Jake

Book Two: Just Jake: Dog Eat Dog

Book Three: Just Jake: Camp Wild Survival

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