5 Male Authors That Are Totally Worth Binge Reading

When an author can create a connection with their reader for not only the entirety of a novel but for their entire catalog, it creates a bond that is that much more special for a reader.

These male authors have created collections of works that do just that, convincing their voracious fans to read through not one, but all of their novels, excitedly devouring one after the other.

1. Hugh Howey

An emerging science fiction writer, Howey has already cultivated a close following of readers due not only to his captivating books but because of his infectious personality that has been developed all across the internet. Howey achieved astonishing success as an indie author and has since been picked up by a traditional publisher. Not only is his current catalog worth binge reading, but he is an author to keep your eye on.

Where to Start: Wool

The beginning of his popular Silo series, Wool, is Howey’s most captivating installment and a signal for not only his current work, but his work to come. In a time where the atmosphere is uninhabitable, humanity survives only in a silo buried underground. With only a single story to give a view of the outside world, the sanity and survival of humanity is at risk. Keep an eye out for Wool as a feature film, being developed by 20th Century Fox.

Wool - Part One (Silo series Book 1) by [Howey, Hugh]

Source: Amazon

2. Anthony Doerr

Known for his award winning novel, All the Light We Cannot See, Doerr’s other works are often ignored in the discussion, but are equally gripping. His skilled prose and story telling abilities carry through all of his work.

Where to Start: All the Light We Cannot See

In occupied France, Doerr follows the story of a young German boy recruited by the Nazis and a young blind girl who is struggling for survival, sanity, and her country. Heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once, Doerr crafts a brilliant depiction of war, what it takes to survive, and what it means to be on the wrong side of history.

All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel by [Doerr, Anthony]

Source: Amazon

3. T.A. Barron

Barron’s epic fantasy tales for children continue to delight adult readers as well as young. Marked by a love and deep connection to nature, Barron brings to life detailed worlds and complex characters that are easy enough to understand for children but crafted well enough for adults to enjoy.

Where to Start: The Lost Years of Merlin

The first installment of Barron’s epic series hurtles the reader into a mystical world and down a path that you can’t help but follow. This series not only introduces readers to a new take on the boy wizard Merlin, but to the expert storytelling and masterful world building of T.A. Barron. Unravel Merlin’s story as he figures out who he once was and who he is destined to be.

The Lost Years: Book 1 (Merlin) by [Barron, T. A.]

Source: Amazon

4. Stephen King

Stephen King is widely known and read for a reason. He continues to create stories that his readers cannot get enough of. A king of horror, King has a style and feel all his own that has been emulated time and time again.

Where to Start: Carrie

For a master such as King, starting from the beginning feels right. His craft evolves from book to book, pulling loyal readers deeper into a talent that further captivates his audience. Start with this easy to swallow story of the psychologically damaged high school student who possesses strange and horrifying powers. This classic story demonstrates all too well the consequences of bullying in the creepiest ways imaginable.

Carrie by [King, Stephen]

Source: Amazon

5. Johnny B. Truant

Heavily influenced by Stephen King, Truant adds his own satirical spin to his fiction. Turning the absurdest of ideas into wonderful, memorable stories, Truant shows that any idea can be great if the right writer is at the helm. Truant writes as a team as well as solo, bringing epic stories to life.

Where to Start: Invasion

The newest released Truant and Platt series is the most addicting yet. Fear grips the Earth as an unknown spherical object descends on mankind. As the world prepares for the end of life as we know it, humanity shows that fear can be their biggest enemy.

Invasion (Alien Invasion Book 1) by [Truant, Johnny B., Platt, Sean, Realm and Sands]

Source: Amazon

Nothing can compare to the obsession that can form around the most talented of authors. When a writer delivers time after time, a reader forms a connection that is eternally special.

What authors do you binge read?

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