9 Coffee Table Books Every Book Lover Should Own

Alright, so maybe having 9 coffee table books in the same living space is a little excessive, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in a few of these! Coffee table books have always been a great way to get the conversation started, to learn something new, or to simply browse through to pass the time. Not to mention you can tell a lot about a person by what books they openly display. If you’re a bibliophile and proud of it, check out these 9 books that ought to be decorating your coffee table right now.

1. The Book by Julius Friedman

This art book gives old, falling-apart books the recognition and re-purposing they deserve. Julius Friedman, the artist, was given a bag of books from a librarian who was headed to the trash and turned them into something incredible. Normally, the thought of destroying or damaging books is unthinkable to a book lover, but I think you will be very pleased with Friedman’s treatment of them. With 130 beautiful photographs, Friedman celebrates the tactile artistry of books and everything we love about them.


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2. At Home with Books by Estelle Ellis

This is a must-have for any bibliophile looking to organize and proudly decorate their home with their impressive personal libraries. With full-color photographs featuring examples of studies and home libraries across the U.S. and U.K., it will certainly inspire you to level up your library game. This book also includes useful advice on how to preserve, restore, and categorize your books for a lifetime of enjoyment.


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3. Books Make a Home by Damian Thompson

Books add personality to a home and are a reflection of ourselves. This book focuses more on the important role our books have as decoration and offers innovative ways for displaying them in every room of the house. It is especially helpful for those with growing libraries that are not sure how to get the most out of the limited space they have.


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4. Bookshelf by Alex Johnson

This book by Alex Johnson satisfies both the book lover and the design geek. If you are one of those people who doesn’t own hundreds of books, but instead has a carefully-selected library of your favorites, you might consider picking this one up for creative ideas on how to show them off. These designs are modern and mostly focus on aesthetic more than function, though it doesn’t detract from the mesmerizing effects a great bookshelf can have in a room.


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5. The Public Library: A Photographic Essay by Robert Dawson

Sometimes, there really is nothing better than walking into a public library, surrounded by thousands of delicious-smelling books and the people who love them. In this photographic essay, Robert Dawson explores how public libraries are threatened by endangerment despite the variety of services they provide to communities. Any true book lover who remembers the day they got their first library card would love to have the stories and photos from this incredible project at their fingertips.


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6. The Little Free Library Book (Books in Action) by Margret Aldrich

Reading enthusiasts across the world have embraced the Little Free Library movement and built their own to share their love of books with their communities. Pick up this book to read more about the history of these little libraries, personal anecdotes from owners, and resources for the best practices of having your own. Many people are still unaware of these free gems and so having this on your coffee table would certainly start a conversation!


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7. The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World by Jacques Bosser

The ultimate book porn. If you have ever gasped with delight at a picture of a beautiful library, then this book is for you. It features profiles of 20 of the most incredible libraries in Europe and the U.S. Get lost in the breathtaking architecture and the mind-bending collections.


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8. The Library: A World History by James W. P. Campbell

If you want to learn more about the libraries you love, check out this book for a comprehensive history of libraries from ancient times to the present. The photography alone is spectacular, but the text is also very readable and compelling. It’s inspiring and fascinating and definitely deserves a space in your home.


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9. By the Book: Writers on Literature and the Literary Life from the New York Times Book Review by Pamela Paul

Have you ever been curious about what sorts of things David Sedaris, J.K. Rowling, or Lee Child read in their spare time? Or what inspires them? Join in on these captivating and invaluable conversations with sixty-five of the world’s literary greats and get into the minds of some of your favorite authors.


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Do you own any of these fabulous coffee table books? What others do you suggest should not be missed by book lovers?

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