Love A Good Deal? Check Out These 3 Exciting E-Books Sites!

With the advent of e-readers and the proliferation of e-books it can be daunting to figure out where to start. You can read the digital versions of practically any traditionally published book, or you can delve into the ever expanding and promising world of indie published books.

To help you find your way, there are not only curated lists of popular e-books, but these lists keep you updated on current deals. All you have to do is sign up and you can see daily updates on books from famous to newly emerging authors straight from your inbox.

1. Book Bub

One of the most popular daily e-book deal sites, you may already recognize their name. Book Bub not only sends you daily deals on e-books, but they allow you to target your favorite genres and authors. Want to know as soon as your favorite author puts there e-book on sale? Look no further than Book Bub.

With Book Bub, there’s no need to worry about sifting through books you’re not interested in reading. The competition to get on their list is fierce, and they pick only the best of the best to send to you, taking into account ratings, sales, and reputation.

Not only are their deals fantastic, but their recommendations for new authors for you to read are right on target.

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2. Buck Books

Looking for a dose of comedy with an extremely paired down list of e-book deals? Then, look no further than Buck Books. Buck Books’ e-mails are  overflowing with personality and do not send you lists so long you dread getting through it. Their books deals also never cost more than a dollar!

Not interested in their subscription? Just head to their website to check out that day’s deals!

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3. Modern Mrs. Darcy

Anne Bogel is known for her book recommendations and summer reading guide, though she also takes the time each morning to compile a list of kindle e-book deals that are targeted towards her readers. Usually choosing traditionally published books and favored fiction, Anne Bogel is particular in making sure that she sends her readers deals that she would personally recommend.

Don’t want to subscribe? You can also view the list on Modern Mrs. Darcy.

What subscription services send you great e-book deals? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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