Book Review: Smile by Raina Telgemeier

Sweet, relatable, and oh so dearing, Smile tells the story of a teenage Raina Telegemier and her highs and lows of being forced to wear braces following a hard tumble, as well as other misadventures of middle school and high school. Read as a comic strip, I found this short novel to be very easy to read and all the more enjoyable due to the wonderful artwork. Raina herself hand-drew these comics and you may recognize her cartoons from the ever-popular Baby-Sitter’s Club graphic novels.


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Smile is the authors own adventure through the emotional roller-coaster that can accompany high school. Be prepared to be reminded of your own blunders and embarrassing moments (especially if you wore braces!) as you travel through this equally hilarious and heartwarming novel. Telgemeier does a mesmerizing job at keeping her audience entranced in the day to day thoughts, daydreams, and worries of a typical teenage girl. This was simply an awesome, feel-good type of read that is perfect if you’re on a short road-trip or are just looking for something light and fluffy to keep your mind off of the day.


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