Double Tap! 7 Inspiring Instagram Poets You Won’t Regret Following

Poetry is making a strange and unprecedented come back in the 21st century thanks to Instagram. The platform is ideal for visually stunning short poems to be self-published and shared instantly through a little square photo with a filter. Creative minds are taking advantage of the possibilities. 

This is not a fringe group of people sharing poems between themselves. Popular poets have huge followings and many have made the leap to print publishing because of their Instagram success.
Here is a quick roundup of some famous poets on Instagram, that are very much worthy of following, to bring some poetic vibes to your feed.


1. rupikaur

Followers: 531k

Posts: 325

Rupi Kaur’s poetry is thoughtful and powerful. Feminine yet distinctly feminist, she has her own book out called Milk and Honey. Her Instagram feed is full of gorgeous words and photos.


Source: Amazon

2. amandatorroni

Followers: 39.4k

Posts: 1,130

Stunning and original typography along with her own unique posts surrounding love, loss, and everything in between really sets Amanda Torroni apart. Bonus points for her book recommendations!


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3. langlev

Followers: 246k

Posts: 611

How could anyone not want this in their feed? This account is glamorous and the words are poignant. Lately, there are some awesome celestial themes on her account and her own books are stunning!

Also by Lang Lev:


Source: Amazon

4. makeblackoutpoetry

Followers: 54.8k

Posts: 1,261

One of the most thought-provoking and visually striking poetry accounts on Instagram, makeblackoutpoetry has a book coming out soon!


Source: DeerBearWolf

5. rmdrk

Followers: 1.5 m

Posts: 1,874

R.M. Drake’s account is full of inspiring and romantic poems as well as snippets from his own book, Beautiful and Damned.


Source: Amazon

6. r.h.sin

Followers: 422k

Posts: 14,876

Prolific poster R.H. Sin is the author of Whiskey, Words, & A Shovel. This account is airy and the poetry itself is touching, vulnerable with hints of  subtle sensuality intermixed.

Also by R.H. Sin:


Source: Amazon

7. tylerknott

Followers: 295k

Posts: 4,322

This account is known for haikus though shows great variety and an array of cute photos. Check out his book, All the Words Are Yours: Haiku on Love.


Source: Amazon

Do you follow any other wonderful poets on Instagram?

YouTube Channel: qeti777


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