5 Relaxing And Memorizing Books By The Lovely Kate Morton

I enjoy reading all types of books.

I love reading books that are intellectually challenging as well as ones where the authors subvert an existing genre and do something unexpected or different with their narrative.

I relish books that keep you in suspense and force you to stay up all night because you just can’t put them down!

But sometimes, after a long day at work, I like to pick up a book by an author that is trustworthy. I love authors who write in a familiar style that is comfortable and follow familiar patterns- authors that are a bit like Agatha Christie or perhaps James Patterson or M.C. Beaton.

If you’re the same- then you’ll love the following five books by Australian author, Kate Morton.

Her novels are time period pieces where the stories are split between the past and the present. All five of her stories have female protagonists who seek to unravel a mystery from a past era. In each narrative, Morton sets up a puzzle that needs to be solved- they are predictable, yet, unpredictable at the same time. They are stories where you will become completely enraptured with the lives of the characters and their sometimes somber and melancholic moments.

1. The Shifting Fog 


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2. The Forgotten Garden


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3. The Distant Hours


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4. The Secret Keeper 


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5. The Lake House 


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Which author can you count on to always deliver a memorizing story?

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