5 Steps To Taking The PERFECT Bookish Selfie

At first glance, books and selfies don’t have much in common. Reading is a solo activity where all the action takes place inside the reader’s head, meaning photo opportunities are limited

This is the classic book selfie, and there’s nothing wrong with it! It’s lovely.


Book selfies, though, can be a great way to share what you’re reading with friends and start conversations. Anything that gets people talking about reading has to be good, and book selfies don’t have to be boring. Like the beautiful color coordination in this one:


Get creative with angles, filters, and locations. The filter applied here gives the selfie a beautiful surreal look.


And this unusually angled book selfie is another classic.


If you’re really into a book and want to capture a memorable image, base your photo on a theme or genre. For example, if your selfie is of a horror novel, you could choose a bleak, gothic style setting, such as a graveyard or windswept clifftop.



This reader did a great job of capturing the theme of her book with her eyes and what we can see of her facial expression.


Working with shadows and light is a great idea, too.

Book selfies also give you an opportunity to make ironic comments on just about anything. The well-known image of Marilyn Monroe reading James Joyce’s Ulysses is a good example of this. Monroe was said to be very intelligent so this photo can be interpreted as a comment on gender stereotypes.

What kind of comment do you think this book selfie makes?


Creative, well-planned book selfies can make you look smart and interesting, and who couldn’t use a boost in these areas?


Below are three tips on how to take the perfect book selfie.

1. Use the self-timer on your phone camera.

This will allow you to take long shots that include the whole room. This is good for images of yourself reading in bed, or in a chair with a beautiful view behind you. This enables you to share all your favorite reading nooks and create fabulous images. It may take a while to get the hang of using the timer, but persevere because it’s worth it.



2. You don’t have to include your face.

In some selfies, you may want the focus to be on the book instead of you. You can take a high-angle shot, looking down to show your hands holding the book, or a photo of you in the bath with just the top of your head visible above the cover. You also don’t have to place yourself in the middle of the shot. An off-centre main image creates visual interest so experiment with this.







3. Be aware of lighting and texture.

Outdoor shots are best taken in the early morning or late afternoon, so keep this in mind. If you’re filming inside, it’s good to be near a window for natural lighting. Use a range of different textures to add richness. For example, the rough fabric of a knitted scarf can provide a nice contrast to the smooth pages of a book.




4. Look at different angles.

This photo of the young woman with her book in the mirror is a great example of how to show your bookish side in a whole different way.



5. Get outside.

Book lovers are notoriously indoor people — at least we’re stereotyped that way. Taking book selfies in nature is a great way to add a whole new layer to your book selfie game. Bring your love of reading out of your head and into the world through creative, intelligent book selfies that get people talking and reading!






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