Book Review: Fat Vampire Series by Johnny B. Truant

Imagine a world where vampires roam the earth. They are strong, fast, and deadly creatures that have a thirst for blood and the ability to live forever. You know their story. There is one catch, however. As soon as they are turned into these powerful creatures, they will stay in their physical form for the rest of their existence.

In this world, vampires are selected and go through a training process so that they will be as strong as possible before they transform. But for Reginald, that is not his fate. Fat, slow, and addicted to food, Reginald finds himself in the middle of a situation that could take his life, but with a stroke of mercy, he is bitten by a vampire and inducted into their world.

Johnny B. Truant turns the story of the typical vampire on its head with the comedic tale of Reginald Baskin, an overweight vampire who stands out in the crowd of bloodthirsty monsters that terrorize the night. Though unable to satisfy his appetite, Reginald continues to inhale the fatty foods that have consumed his psyche, but finds himself unequal to the task of hunting down humans for their life giving blood.

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The Fat Vampire Series begins with the simple story of Reginald’s transformation into a vampire and his struggle to be a part of their world. Too out of shape to chase down prey, Reginald struggles to feed himself. Too out of place and living the life of an unsanctioned vampire, he no longer has a place in the world.

Fat Vampire is written with clear language that allows the reader to run through the story. Vivid imagery of hilarious struggles of Reginald the fat vampire can be found throughout the story and Truant is able to accomplish something quite special with his funny little story.

Soon, the reader begins to care for Reginald and his plight, despite an overwhelming willingness to laugh at him. Reginald’s story somehow transforms into an epic tale of life, love, and humanity. Reginald’s story turns from one of pure satire to one of adventure and horror that will keep you reading until the very end.

Follow Reginald’s story through six volumes, each one escalating in scope and building on the imaginative world that Truant has created for the famed vampire. Truant has demonstrated that a silly idea can become much more than that in the hands of a skilled storyteller. A new vampire has arrived, and he’s hungrier than ever.

Volume 2: Tastes Like Chicken

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Volume 3: All You Can Eat

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Volume 4: Harder Better Fatter Stronger

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Volume 5: Fatpocolypse

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Volume 6: Survival of the Fattest

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Join Reginald on an adventure of fat proportions. Six books and endless amounts of entertainment.

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