Book Review: Snow by Maxence Fermine

So rare is a book that both delicately and forcefully enchants the reader into a world that they do not dare want to flee from. Snow was unlike anything I have ever read before. It is a very short book, filled with only 100 pages of free-verse poems, dialogue, and profound storytelling, though the way the Fermine tells the story of Yuko, a young Japanese man who has reached a pivotal point in his life: choosing what will become of the rest of his years, belongs in a category of pure literary excellence.

I finished this novel in one complete sitting, not strictly due to the short nature of it, though because the stunning imagery and vulnerable, sensuous use of language were just breathtaking.


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Even if you are not a huge fan of poetry, I believe that this novel is one that will leave, if anything, a positive mark upon you. It is really that beautiful of a work and one I hope will gain more notoriety and popularity.

What are some novellas that you loved?

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