Book Review: Saving Face: How To Lie And Maneuver Your Way Out Of Life’s Most Awkward Situations By Andy Robin and Gregg Kavet

For fans of Seinfeld and Saturday Night Live comes the debut novel from television and movie writers Andy Robin and Gregg Kavet, who’ve talents have earned them three Emmy’s and A Screen Writer’s Guild Award for Outstanding Comedy.

Genre-wise, I usually don’t lean towards funny books or novels, not because I don’t like them ( I totally do) though because they simply aren’t the first types of stories I’m drawn to. (I typically go for dramas, biographies, or psychological novels.)


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Regardless of how this humorous novel ended up on my bookshelf, it was such an enjoyable read. It’s a handy book that, even though I’m very sure I wouldn’t apply some pieces of its advice to my real life: such as taking off the sweater I’m wearing and giving it as a gift because I just plain forgot to buy a new gift for a friend/family member, though some of it can actually be used to handle awkward situations that seem to search us out and try to conquer us all.

A great amount of the so-called advice in this book should definitely not be taken seriously, hence the whole funny book thing, although, it is a very entertaining read, nonetheless.

Overall, this is a short read, roughly 175 pages, full of pure laugh out loud, considerably obnoxious wisdom that will encourage you to laugh a little at yourself and some of the unfortunate things that we can’t control.

What are some books that have had you bellowed over in laughter?

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