The Race Is On! 9 Books By The (Remaining) 2016 Presidential Candidates

It’s now basically a requirement that anyone thinking about running for President as a major party candidate has to write a book. Doing so serves a few purposes, including getting a candidate’s life story out there for the public, laying out their basic beliefs, and of course getting them publicity through book tours, media appearances, and reviews of the book. Even well before their presidential aspirations become known, to themselves or others, they are often public figures early in their career. As the 2016 presidential campaign marches on, here are some of the books by the major party candidates still left in the race:


1.  Crippled America

This book was released by the Republican nominee in the heart of campaign season, and lays out his views on what is wrong and needs to be done for America. A newly revised edition entitled Great Again: How To Fix Our Crippled America is due out July 12.


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2. Time To Get Tough

Released in summer 2015, this book by Trump gives the candidate’s views on, among other issues, immigration, the national debt, and where he believes President Obama has gone wrong.


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3. The Art of the Deal

Now nearly thirty years old, this book by Trump is not only a memoir, though also a guide to business tactics. As such, it’s a look into his life and philosophy.


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4. The America We Deserve

Released in 2000, this book is a glimpse at Trump’s political views 15 years before he entered the race for President.


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Hillary Clinton (Democrat)

5. Hard Choices

This book about Clinton’s time as Secretary of State and was released in 2015, in advance of the Democratic primary elections It is, essentially, a memoir about her time as Secretary of State that serves to bolster her foreign policy credentials as a candidate.


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6. Living History

Released four years after the Clintons left the White House, this autobiography traces her life from childhood through the White House years.


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7. It Takes A Village

Clinton’s visionary take on the future, prominence, and leadership of children in America.


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Bernie Sanders (Democrat)

8. Outsider in the White House

This book is Bernie Sanders’ telling of his political career, from his activism during the Civil Rights movement, to his work in Vermont, and finally to his senate career and presidential run. The book was released in fall 2015, in the heat of the Democratic primary campaign, months in advance of the first primary vote being cast.


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9. The Speech

This book is basically the transcript of the nearly 9 hour long speech Sanders made in the US Senate in 2010, this book gives insight into Sanders’ core beliefs and motivations for political involvement.


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There’s four months until Election Day – get reading!

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