5 Ways to Encourage Young Readers

With the prevalence of television, video games, and smartphones, it can be difficult to cultivate the love of reading in kids. While it comes to some naturally, others need to be led in the right direction. There are a few things we can do as adults to encourage children to discover the joys and knowledge that are acquired with a well developed reading life.

1. Go to the Library

Let loose kids in the library and let them be in charge of at least some of the things they read. Allowing kids the opportunity to pick out their own books gets them excited about the things they are going to read. While we may not want to encourage too much fluff, it can be a gateway to a more sophisticated reading life.

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2. Access to Books

While going to the library helps, it is important for kids to have access to books whenever they wish. Have books at home, make them a normal part of decorations and life. Show that they are an integral part of the home as well as give them the freedom to pick up a book whenever it strikes their fancy.

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3. Read

By showing kids that adults read for fun (and information) we can demonstrate that books are not only there for school, but continue as a normal part of adulthood. Show that you use books to not only learn, but to relax and be entertained.

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4. Read with them

While it may seem obvious, it is important to be a part of kids’ reading lives. Read to them from an early age, and not only will it encourage their personal reading lives, but it will help with their reading skills. Reading to kids is an integral part of teaching them how to read.

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5. Discuss Books

By talking about books and asking questions, we teach kids to think critically about what they read. Bring books into the social part of your lives. By showing an interest in what they read and informing them of what you are reading, kids are shown a new dimension to reading. It is not only a solitary activity, though one that can be shared with their family and friends.

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How do you encourage kids to read?

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