5 Book Subscription Boxes Worth Your Money

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now. You can have almost any kind of box delivered to your door nowadays—from makeup to food to boxes filled with toys and treats for your cat or dog. It’s no surprise that this also extends to books and there are quite a few options out there. Below is a list of five book-centric subscription boxes.

Powell’s Indiespensable

Price: $39.95/shipment

Indiespensable was started by Powell’s books in Portland, Oregon back in 2008. They’ve been committed to curating high quality books from independent publishers since the subscription’s inception. Each shipment costs $39.95 and subscribers have received Pulitzer Prize winners like The Goldfinch, All the Light We Cannot See, and Tinkers. All of the books come signed with a special slipcover as well as other goodies to go along with the books like chocolate or coffee or, most recently, a sketchbook with some sketching pens.

Cozy Reader Club

Price: $64.95/month

The Cozy Reader Club is more of a reader lifestyle box. The boxes do come with a book each month, but the focus is more on making your reading time more enjoyable. Boxes will feature a range of products such as teas, treats for those of us who love snacking while we read, and handmade items like socks, scarves, or candles. Some of the books sent in the subscription have been The Nest, Eligible, and The Girl in the Red Coat. This subscription really focuses prepping you for a long day of reading.

BookPeople’s Trust Fall

Price: $140 for four quarters or $39.95/quarter

Austin, Texas-based, independent bookstore, BookPeople, started their quarterly subscription service Trust Fall based on an experiment that Fiction Addiction performed with The Martian. The idea is that BookPeople will send four unknown books spaced out over a year that they believe are worth reading. The first book they sent out was Station Eleven   which is a home run for their first box. They also include other goodies like an extra book, Texas themed products, and food.

Book of the Month

Price: $16.99/month

Probably one of the oldest book subscription services, Book of the Month has been around for a whopping 90 years! This subscription offers you the chance to pick which book you want to receive each month in a variety of genres. Each month, subscribers receive a list of five books to choose and can pick one with the option to purchase additional books. Each book is chosen by five judges that change each month  and the books come with a card detailing why the judge chose that book. Past books have included Fate & Furies, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, and one of July 2016’s offerings is The Girls.


Price: $29.99/month

LitCube is more themed than the other boxes are and functions more like Loot Crate than the others. You do still get books but LitCube also always includes a wearable, snack, and other items centered around a specific theme — either a genre or a specific book. So subscribers will get a book that matches the theme, a wearable that usually includes a piece of jewelry or, most recently, an Art Deco inspired headband to go along with the theme “Roaring 20s Mystery.” Most of the items in the box are handmade and LitCube is excellent at curating items to match their themes.

Are you subscribed to any book subscription boxes not on the list? Let us know about it in the comments!

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