18 Collector’s Books to Indulge In If You Love Marilyn Monroe

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1. Marilyn Monroe: An Appreciation by Eve Arnold

While on assignment in 1952, photographer Eve Arnold got the amazing chance to shoot one of the world’s largest stars. What began as a simple photo session built the foundation for a friendship that would last until Monroe’s death. Eve Arnold showcases hundreds of never-before seen pictures of Hollywood’s most famous blonde, that, of course, draw attention to her physical beauty, though also begin to unveil the layers of this beloved woman.


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2. Marilyn by Nick Yapp

A wonderful collection of some of Marilyn’s most known and recognized photographs, such as the skirt blowing photo during the filming of The Seven Year Itch (1955).


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3. Marilyn Monroe: Unseen Archives by Marie Clayton

A collector’s book that starts from the very beginning of Marilyn’s, born Norma Jeane, tumultuous childhood all the way through to her untimely and devastating death at the mere age of 36.


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4. The Personal Property of Marilyn Monroe by Christie’s Auction House

I found this one to be especially interesting and great for the Marilyn fanatic’s collection! It’s a book that binds together many of Marilyn’s personal items and offers a little background info on where she got the item, etc.


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5. Marilyn Monroe: Metamorphosis by David Wills

Now, if you’re looking for a book about Marilyn that is just purely pictures, look no further than Marilyn Monroe: Metamorphosis. It is one of the largest Marilyn photo archives that has been released.


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6. Marilyn Monroe by Janice Anderson

This work focuses on the comparison of Marilyn the actress and superstar that everyone is familiar with, and the woman behind all the glamour and cameras.


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7. Marilyn Monroe: Quotes/Trivia by Nicotext

A fun little trivia and quotes book filled with all things Marilyn that would be a great asset to a coffee table or nightstand!


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8. The Complete Marilyn Monroe by Adam Victor

I like to think of this one as more of a Marilyn Encyclopedia because it includes so many quotes, facts and tidbits about her early life experiences, her daily grind of trying to make it as a young actress in the 40’s and 50’s, in addition to information about her marriages and inner thoughts.


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9. The Marilyn Monroe Treasures by Jenna Glatzer

An enchanting Marilyn archive that tells the story of her life and career, however also includes copies of Marilyn’s personal documents (her marriage license to Joe Dimaggio) as well as some paintings she did herself. A must-have for the true Marilyn fan.


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10. Marilyn Monroe by Neil Sinyard

A classic collector’s book that includes many of the Starlet’s most popular pin-up photos.


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11. Marilyn by Edel Classics and Milton Greene (Photographer)

Milton Greene was one of the most talented and popular photographers of his time and he and Marilyn happened to be very good friends. She spoke about the specific way Milton seemed to catch her most vulnerable in intimate moments in the photos he took of her. They remained friends until her death and in this book, fans of Marilyn can grasp the moments and emotions of Marilyn within each picture.


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12. Marilyn Monroe and the Camera by Georges Belmont and Jane Russell (Foreword)

A collection full of the aura and magic that Marilyn, and no one since her, has been able to portray in front of a camera.


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13. Marilyn Monroe: A Life in Pictures by Anne Verlhac (Editor) and David Thomson (Foreword)

A collection of pictures that chronicles the blonde beauty’s life experiences growing up as a foster kid, marrying for the first time at age 16, and eventually going on to becoming one of the world’s most profound stars.


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14. Bert Stern-Marilyn Monroe: The Complete Last Sitting by Bert Stern and Annie Gottlieb

Bert Stern was the last official photographer to have a session with Monroe. In this work, he shares the intimate and liberating photos of a seemingly happier, less guarded Marilyn.


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15. MM-Personal: From the Private Archive of Marilyn Monroe

A researched, detailed account of Marilyn’s private life, primarily focusing on the later years of her life. What I like about this one is that it isn’t salacious or gossipy in nature. It is  a wonderful and respectful book about Marilyn’s life.


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16. Marilyn Monroe: Photographs 1945-1962 by Schirmer’s Visual Library

I don’t think any of Marilyn’s fans would say that they get tired of seeing pictures of her! She was just one of those people that had a true love affair with the camera and it definitely showed. This is another book capturing the essence of those pictures.


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17. Marilyn Monroe Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney

Fun little Marilyn paper dolls that include her as a majority of her famous characters such as Lorelei in Gentleman Prefer Blondes. You could even cut them out, laminate them and use them as bookmarks!


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18. Marilyn in Fashion: The Enduring Influence of Marilyn Monroe by Christopher Nickens and George Zeno

As much as she was known for her gorgeous face, she was known for her wonderful curvy figure too. Marilyn in Fashion goes in detail about the clothes Marilyn wore, how she liked to dress, what fabrics she preferred, and above all, how her wardrobe impacted her legacy.


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19. Marilyn: Her Life in Her Own Words by George Barris

Along with an abundance of photos, Marilyn: Her Life is Her Own Words is a must-have for a devoted fan. Marilyn speaks about her childhood, 3 marriages, as well as her roller-coaster treatment in Hollywood and her dreams and hopes for her future. There’s honestly nothing better than a star telling their story straight from their own mouth.


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