Till Death Do Us Part: 8 Books All About Getting Hitched

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Whether you’re already married and have been for 60 years or are about to walk down the isle, may these 8 books remind you once again why you chose (or are going) to choose to make a lifetime commitment to your beloved other half. Marriage isn’t for everyone and each person is entitled to their own views about it, though, for most, marriage is a wonderful, intimate, beautiful expression of love and devotion. So sit back, relax and let those lovely wedding bells joyously ring in your ears.

1. The 4 Seasons of Marriage: Secrets to a Lasting Marriage by Gary Chapman

Also the author of the world-wide bestseller, The 5 Love Languages comes another life changing book by Gary Chapman. While The 5 Love Languages focuses primarily on the understanding of oneself as an individual in relationships, The 4 Seasons of Marriage focuses on the in’s and out’s of marriage and what key things ensure that it will last for a lifetime.


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2. A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage: The Essentials for Long-lasting Togetherness by Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill and Ed S. O’Neill

A enriching guide that includes various examples of the issues many couples face and how to handle them in a mature, realistic way, as well as an abundance of practical advice to bring that spark back to a marriage.


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3. Uncommon Marriage: Learning About Lasting Love and Overcoming Life’s Obstacles Together by Tony and Lauren Dungy

One of the most important parts of, not only being married, though being a part of a committed relationship is knowing that you can trust your partner to always be by your side, and vice versa, no matter what hardships life may bring. I like that this one speaks authentically and realistically about what problems may come about and gives real-life experience on how to overcome them, together.


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4. Getting It Right The First Time by Barry and Emily J. McCarthy

It’s a pretty well known fact, in the United States mainly, that about half of marriages, each year, will end in a divorce. While this isn’t the most comforting of statistics, I like to believe that it would be even more of an encouragement to those who are getting married soon, tying the knot again, or have marriage on the brain, to put the effort in your relationship before you walk down the aisle. It will surely be worth it.


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5. Hidden Keys of a Loving, Lasting Marriage by Gary Smalley

Although we all can be complex creatures, at the heart, a majority of us are really rather simple, and just want someone who loves and cares for us as we do for them. Hidden Keys of a Loving, Lasting Marriage is a knockout book that shares the principles and truths of what keeps a loving, lasting marriage loving and lasting.


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6. What To Expect When You Wed by Nija Quinn-Linton

This is a perfect workbook for the husband and wife to be! It entails just about everything you should know and be aware of before you make your relationship completely official.


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7. Marriage and Lasting Relationships with Asperger’s Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder) by Eva A. Mendes

I’m glad that there are specific books such as this one available. It showcases that there are a multitude of marriages and not all come in the way we would expect them to. This book primarily focuses on the reality of what it means to be married to someone who has Asperger’s. It’s not a disease or anything that should be feared or looked down on, of course, it’s just an autistic syndrome that can affect the way some communicate and interact with others. This one tackles the challenges and provides advice on how to be a good and supportive partner to your spouse who may have Asperger’s Syndrome.


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8. Giving Time a Chance by Beppie Harrison, Ronna Romney

Being married, of course, holds its challenges and each one hits a few bumps in the road. What makes a marriage last however, is not just the love you two share, however, knowing when to give each other space. We all need our own space, sometimes, to process and to even calm down after an argument. Giving Time a Chance brings this perspective to light, in addition to providing helpful tips and suggestions to having not so heated, aggressive, or dramatic arguments.


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“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

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