3 Ways To Incorporate More Reading Into Your Schedule This Summer

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Summer. The comforting warmth of the bright sun upon our skin, the timeless moments relaxing by the ocean or lake, and the memories that last a lifetime. While we all experience summer at different times throughout the year and have our own favorite things and hobbies to do when it comes around, what we book enthusiasts could all agree on is that no matter what season or type of year it is, we want to be able to read as much as we can! No matter how jam-packed your schedule may be, regardless of the time of the year, may these tips help you to squeeze in more time to do one of your most loved things: get lost in a book and read.

1. Electronic Books

Some people aren’t a fan of E-books and Kindles and anything that is not an actual physical book and that’s totally okay! To each their own. Personally though, I’ve found that even if I forgot to pack a book with me when I’m going somewhere, I know I’ll have my phone, which contains E-books that I can read on the go. Now, this may sound cliche, though you’d be surprised how much reading you can get done on your phone or tablet while, for example, waiting for an appointment, chilling in the car while your friend gets food, whatever it may be. I’ve finished 3 books strictly by doing this so I can say for sure that it works!

2. Take Advantage of the Time You Have

I’ve mentioned this in one of our similar articles, Tackle That TBR, and I think when it comes to summer, when a majority of us are taking a break from school (which takes up A LOT of our time) we have a little more time to do the things that we most enjoy. Maybe, if you’re not so busy, you can set aside a longer time each day to indulge yourself into a story of your choice. Even if you’re not really catching a break this summer and still have a busy schedule, try picking a more relaxed time of the day, (a good one would be right before you go to sleep) and spending some reading time then.

3. Know When to Say No

Just because you have a little more free time doesn’t mean you have to spend every waking minute doing something. It is okay to say no to hanging out with friends or going out somewhere if all you really want to do is be alone and read or be alone period! Those that care and love you will understand.


Okay, so there you have it! I hope these 3 tips help you to be able to have more time to read and enjoy your bookshelf this awesome summer.



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