21 Bookish Manicures That’ll Make You Want to Rush to the Salon ASAP

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We book enthusiasts love any and all things reading-related so, rightfully so, we had to bring you a list of some of the most classic, creative, and just plain cool bookish nail art designs!

1. Classic Bookworm

A more classic design with a few leaning books, a love quote and a simple ‘I love books’ saying.


Source: Pinterest


Who wouldn’t want to read more after seeing this colorful manicure?

3. Comic Book Nail Art

I had to include a comic book one because…first of all comic books are classic and rad, and second of all because of the amazing detail this person put into their nails!

4. Game of Thrones

This one shows some of the Game of Thrones book covers!


Source: Pinterest

5. The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars was a big deal when it was initially released in January of 2012, and the 2014 movie adaptation only furthermore ingrained Augustus and Hazel into our hearts. Nail art such as this shows true devotion and appreciation of the touching story.

6. Dr. Seuss

I like this one because it doesn’t require so much exquisite detail and just about anyone can do it.

7. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

A rather simple design, black and white zebra like stripes, though it does match the popular eerie paranormal series‘ cover very well!


Source: Book Riot

8. The Giving Tree

A special homage to Shel Silverstein’s, The Giving Tree.


Source: Pinterest


A purple manicure with glass like details that is reminiscent of Ellen Hopkin’s emotionally heavy free-verse novel, GLASS.


Source: Book Riot

10. The Rainbow Fish

Such a sparkly and lovely manicure inspired by the classic children’s book, The Rainbow Fish. People will be able to see your nails flashing from a mile away!

11. More Comic Book Art

More comic book art because the details and work put into making nails look this flawless are worth the attention and applause.


Source: Pinterest

12. Fangirl Nail Art

A simple though classy and bright design that celebrates Rainbow Rowell’s popular young adult novel, Fangirl.

13. I Will Fight Monsters For You

Similar to the Fangirl manicure above, this nail design would be ideal if you want to still look like you put effort into your nails, though didn’t want anything too flashy or out there.

14. These Broken Stars

Galaxy nails! Do I need to say anything more?


Source: Pinterest

15. Scattered Letters

There are an abundance of YouTube tutorials on how to achieve this scattered letters look on your nails. Simple, and crafty!

16. Landline

Another Rainbow Rowell tribute, this time for her most recent work, Landline that follows a woman who is struggling to figure out if her marriage is, in fact, what’s truly meant for her.

17. The Selection Series

Perfect for anyone who is a fan of Kiera Cass’ drama/romance series. The final installment in The Selection series, The Crown was recently released in May of this year.


Source: Pinterest

18. Rapunzel 

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down thy golden extensions.”

-Snow White, Shrek the Third

Now, if extensions aren’t your thing, you can pink out your nails to pay honor to the classic tale.

19. Mean Girls

Mean Girls is now widely considered a cult classic in the movie world, though did you know it was, in fact, inspired by a non-fiction book entitled Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman that tackles the truth about brutal affects cliques and mean girls can have on young girls.

20. The Hobbit

Now, this is true nail talent. The intricate descriptions of the scenes in the beloved novel are wonderfully duplicated on these nails!

21. Outlander 

Beautiful blue and red nail art that pays homage to Diana Gabaldon’s fantasy /action series, Outlander.

Which bookish manicure was your favorite?


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