Maintain Your Inner Peace: 7 Serene and Relaxing Songs to Read to

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The last day of May, May 31st, is National Meditation Day! I think that when some hear the word meditation they are quick to associate it with religious practices or rituals, though there are other beneficial reasons to meditate! It allows you to take a few moments out of your day and focus all of your energy on maintaining your peace and happiness. It is a wonderful way to release stress and give your body and mind a break, even for a bit. In honor of National Meditation Day, here are 7 serene and relaxing pieces of music that would be perfect for quiet reading time.

1. Ocean Spa by The Blue Sky Relaxation Experience

This short song provides natural sounds from the ocean such as the sound of waves splashing.


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2. Romantic Piano Music by Studying Music and Study Music

A classic movement that accompanies the simple notes of the piano, along with a lovely musical echo.


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3. Delta Waves for Sleep by The Blue Sky Experience

Another wave heavy tune that is sure to ease your mind and allow you to gracefully lose yourself in your story of choice.


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4. Cold Desert by Benjamin Shadows

A slightly upbeat movement that would be perfect to listen to if you’re reading a suspense-heavy novel.


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5. The Most Relaxing Studying Music by Einstein Study Music Academy

A soft, easy and delicate tune.


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6. Quiet Night by Relaxing Music Therapy

The perfect serene tune with light waves and the soft chirping of birds.


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7. Ave Maria (Piano and Cello version) by Franz Schubert

A piano and cello duet that makes the classic song even more beautiful to the ears.


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May your reading time always be relaxing!


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