Book Review: After by Amy Efaw

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A perfect girl. A not so perfect life. A night filled with an unmentionable mistake. We all know with each mistake comes the undeniable consequences. What happens when those consequences could ruin the dream life we had planned for ourselves?

This is reality for fifteen year old Devon Davenport. With an unstable mom who often reeks of booze and a non-existent father, all Devon has to depend on is herself and the future that will finally allow her to start anew and escape her family forever. A star athlete on her high school soccer team and a straight-A student, there is little about Devon on the outside that would trouble people. It is when her mother finds her home sick from school with blood rushing gushing down her leg that Devon’s dreams of attending an elite college begin to be ripped from her grasp.

Why is Devon covered in a deathly crimson? And why is she reacting strangely to the news of an abandoned baby found in the trash can by her home?

Told with a third person narrative and intricately woven detail, After tells the story of a young girl who is forced to recognize the truth of her moral compass, in addition to what she will do, at any and all costs, to maintain her cherished dreams.


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