8 Collector’s Books Every Harry Potter Fanatic Should Own

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Calling all Harry Potter fans! Here are some cool, and just plain fun, books to add to your collection of all things wizardy and wonderful.

1. The Unofficial Harry Potter Spellbook by Duncan Levy

A collection of all of the spells that were cast in the beloved series.


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2. How Harry Cast His Spell: Meaning Behind the Mania for J.K. Rowling’s Best-Selling Book by John Granger

A book focusing on how a random idea became one of the world’s best-selling book series of all time.


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3. Harry Potter: The Character Vault by Jody Revenson

A collection of all of the characters in the novels, from the first book all the way to the last.


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4. My Year With Harry Potter by Ben Buchanan

A sweet, touching autobiography about an eleven year old dyslexic boy who, by reading Harry Potter, was able to miraculously better his reading skills.


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5. Harry Potter Places Book One by Charly D. Miller

This is book one in the series that focuses on the author traveling from place to place that is related to the novels in one way or another.


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6. Harry Potter: The Ultimate Quiz Book by Jack Goldstein

Perfect for the die-hard fan!


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7. The Unofficial Harry Potter Beauty Potions Book: 40 Recipes from Dirigible Plums Bubble Bath to Pumpkin Pastie Lip Balm by Razzberry Books

An entertaining book that is sure to get attention while displayed on your bookshelf.


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8. Kid’s Letters to Harry Potter by Bill Adler and Syrena Done

A collection of children’s letters from all over the world who have written to Harry and other characters in the series.


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If you’re a Harry Potter fan, let us know, do you already own some of these books? What other collector’s items do you have related to the series?



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