6 Menacing Facts About ‘The Godfather’

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A movie that has been deliciously quoted since its initial 1972 theatrical release, Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘The Godfather‘ has been regarded as one of the best films of all time. What a title, right? Check out these equally cool facts about one of cinema’s most admired movies.

1. Fear Orange

Apparently, anytime that an orange object is seen in the movie, this is foreshadowing that a death is about to occur.

2. Success for the Sequel

It’s sequel, The Godfather: Part II is the only sequel, as of yet, in movie history to have received an Oscar for Best Picture. And who said the sequel never lives up to the original?

3. The Director isn’t Buying it

Originally, director Francis Ford Coppola wasn’t interested in taking on the film. He was convinced to become a part of the project when he primarily made the famous movie more focused on American capitalism rather than the business of the mafia.

4. Screams for the Horse

The scene where a horse head is used is an actual horse head. I repeat, it is not a prop. Weird and kind of gross if you think about it. I suppose it helped to add a more authentic feel to the scene.

5. The Cat’s Story

The cat that belongs to Vito Corleone was, in reality, a stray cat discovered by fellow co-star Marlon Brando and director Francis Ford Coppola. They decided to use the cat and often played with it between takes.

6. Acting with Cards

Most of Marlon Brando’s lines in the film were not memorized by him. He often had to read from cue cards while filming the movie.


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